Day 2 Of Exploring UB City, Bangalore - Toscano, Singkong And Sanchos

We all met in the afternoon at UB City on day 2. It was nice meeting everyone again. As per the plan we decided to visit and taste food at Toscano, SingKong and Sanchos. This would complete our project of covering almost all restaurants at UB City. The restaurants at UB City are among the top restaurants in Bangalore.

UB City as you all know lies in the heart of Bangalore City on Vittal Mallya Road. It is a one stop for fashion, events and food. It is the first luxury mall in the country and is one of the happening places in town. If you are in Bangalore, you should visit UB City. If you want to meet friends or simply unwind after a tiring day, head over to UB City and spend the time in any of the restaurants there. There are live performances in some of the restaurants. It’s a perfect place to meet up.

Do read my first introductory post on UB City. Also read the posts of day 1 restaurants Fava & Rasovara and Café Noir and Café Mangii. Enjoy today's posts too which is a gastronomic photo tour of Toscano, SingKong and Sanchos.


Toscano Restaurant & Wine Bar is a fine-dining Italian restaurant in UB City and is a brainchild of Jean Michel Jasserand and Goutham Balasubramanian. With an intimate and vibrant atmosphere Toscano fuses the best of old and new world Italian cuisine. From gourmet pizzas to multi-course dinners, the menu at Toscano is eclectic.It presents an exclusive range of wines for pairing with the food.

We started our food tasting with some mocktails, cocktails and wine. I ordered the pomegranate and orange sparkling mocktail. 

My mocktail
Along with the drinks we were served with different types of salads.
Caprese classic consisted of marinated tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella served with melon, crunchy rocket leaves, marinated olives and basil pesto. 

Bruschetta With Mushroom. This dish was made of crispy bread which was topped with mushrooms.

Citric fruits and Feta salad was made with sliced fresh oranges, grape fruit segments, cucumber, shaved apples & carrots, red onions topped with oregano marinated Feta and house dressing.

Waldroff Salad:

Spinach, potato, spaghetti & walnut croquettes - Crispy fried breaded croquettes with finger chips, mixed greens& aioli.

Chicken Arrancine - chicken, celery, carrot, rice balls served with eggplant agro dolce, tomato coulis and toasted walnuts 

Homemade Spinach and ricotta filled ravioli- tossed in choice of basil Pomodoro. Ravioli was creamy and cheesy. Loved it.

Risotto con funghi misti e fagioli barlotti was stewed mixed mushrooms with rice, white wine, Parmesan, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and Borlotti bean. I should say that this was one of the best risotto that I tasted till date.

Chicken de Toscano- spinach and ricotta stuffed sage infused chicken breast served with garlic ratatouille, roasted rosemary potatoes and own gravy.

Chicken de Toscano
Grilled Arabian Seabass with spaghetti of vegetables,fondue potatoes,tomato coulis and lemon butter sauce

Warm apple crumble - with cinnamon, raisins and strawberry coulis served with vanilla ice cream. I loved this dessert and kept on digging into the plate for more.

Toscano's signature Chocolate Kahlua mouse in almond tuile and crème anglaise. This was the surprise or the dish of the day. I loved every bite of it.

Banoffee pie - banana & toffee pie drizzled with caramel sauce, hazelnut paste, toasted nuts & vanilla ice-cream. Oh this was my favorite dessert. I just loved it.

Mango panna cotta (eggless) served with mint, fruits, orange and vanilla ice cream 

In short I loved and devoured each and every bite of the food that I had at Toscano. The food was very beautifully and artistically plated. Do try the food here to have one of the best Italian food in the city.

For more details visit:
Address:  UB City ,
                # 24, Vittal Mallya Road,
                Bangalore - 01


Soon After Toscano, we headed on to SingKong to experience the Pan-Asian cuisine. 

Singkong’s menu is a gathering of the best on the pan-Asian table, featuring flavours from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, both traditional dishes and slightly more innovative ones. The starters are perfect for grabbing a bite with friends while the tasting menu options are an effortless way to dine your way across the exotic tastes of the Pacific rim. 

Here we settled down and really enjoyed the ambiance. It was evening at around 5.30 PM when we reached Singkong. The atmosphere at UB City was vibrant. The crowd present was of different age groups. Soon we were served with our food.

Honey Hunan roasted pork - steamed open buns – These are stuffed with pickled cucumbers, spring onion and hoisin sauce. I did not taste this for the obvious reason, I don't eat pork. But the other bloggers loved these.

Various dimsums were served like the following: 
Crystal shrimp dumplings – These were delicious and mildly flavoured. The shrimps were fresh and juicy to bite into.

Aromatic spicy chicken dumplings – It was mildly spiced but the flavours had mixed very well. Taste was good, neither too spicy nor bland.

Spinach and vegetables dumplings – Loved these too.Specially loved to have it with the sauces which were served with it.

Wasabi prawns – Oh! I loved these crispy fried prawns which were coated with strong wasabi mayo. They were topped with sweet and spicy mango salsa.

Grilled lemon grass chili basa – Grilled lemon basa fish was served with bean sprouts salad. It was delicious.

Stir fried chili basil chicken was made with succulent sliced chicken tossed in spiced basil chili soy.

Pandan leaves wrapped spiced cottage cheese – This was the spiciest dish and I loved every bite of it. Spicy flavours of coriander chili and soy were nicely married to the sweet cottage cheese. It just melted in my mouth.

Schichimi togarashi potato & vermicelli on sugar cane stick – Oh! this dish is a must try at SingKong. It was served with sweet chili dipping sauce.

Chicken Thai green curry - This curry was heavenly and I felt that it was the ultimate comfort food. The Thai chicken green curry was served with Jasmine rice. I loved this as my original comfort food itself is fish curry and rice.

Stir fried noodles with Edamame was served. This dish is either made with prawns or chicken or vegetables. We had the vegetable one and loved it.

The food at SingKong was truly pan Asian. But our next and final destination was Sanchos to try the Mexican cusuine. 

Address:  UB City ,
                # 24, Vittal Mallya Road,
                Bangalore - 01


Sancho’s aims to stay true to the incredible flavours, colours and smells found throughout Mexico. Choosing to use only fresh, flavorful ingredients, come over to enjoy a wide range of dishes from tacos, tortillas, quesadillas and enchiladas to salads and soups, before washing it all down with one of Sanchos’ much loved margaritas.

This is one of the best place to have tex-mex food. Quesadillas and nachos are a must try here.
Our tasting session started with nachos and some refreshing mocktails and cocktails. Read on to know what all we tasted.

Fiesta nachos – This dish was very beautifully presented. Tortilla chips were served over a bed of refried beans, topped with yellow corn tortilla chips, cheese sauce, pico de galo salsa, guacamole, sour cream, olives and sliced jalapenos.

Tortilla Soup - This is a traditional soup with a tomato base enriched with fried tortillas and served with pascilla chili, cream and tortilla chips.

Caldo de pillow – Rich chicken stock flavoured with chipotle chili, oregano and served with Mexican rice, shredded chicken, chopped coriander, onion, green chili and lime.

Molletitos – Bread was spread with a layer of butter, grilled and topped with refried beans and choriso , melted cheese and pico de gallo salsa. I could not taste this.

I was very thirsty so I ordered a virgin mojito. 

My friend ordered watermelon Shirley temple mocktail.

Habenaro cottage cheese – which was neither a Mexican nor a tex-mex dish. This was a fusion dish where the only Mexican ingredient was Habanero peppers.  I loved loved loved this dish. The spiciness if the habanero peppers and the sweetness of cottage cheese were the flavours which were perfectly married.

Beer batter fish taquitos – Baja California style beer battered fish taquito, served with chipotle mayonnaise, pico de gallo, roasted tomato salsa and guacamole.

Spicy chicken tacos – These were made of corn and wheat flour and were soft tacos. The hard shell ones are a tex-mex dish. The stuffing can be either veg or non-veg i.e. chicken, prawn, pork, tenderloin or lamb.

Enchiladas Indian tenderloin - I did not try this as I don’t eat or taste tenderloin. Some bloggers tasted it and loved the dish.

Tress leches dessert - I loved this dessert which was a delicious home-made style soaked cake.The cake was served with sweet condensed milk.

The chef also presented to us his signature dish which he had specially crafted for Father’s day. 

The two day trip to Ub City ended on a good note too. We all went home with full tummies and smiling faces. I made new friends which I will treasure for life time. 

So whenever you want to try some nice delicious food, don’t think twice. Head on to UB City, select the cuisine and have a great time. It can either be a get- together or a reunion or a romatic date. UB City has various options from which you can choose and make memories for life time.

Address:  UB City ,
                # 24, Vittal Mallya Road,
                Bangalore - 01

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Restaurants At UB City - Cafe Noir And Cafe Mangii

Today's post is a gastronomic photo tour of the restaurants we visited on day 1 namely Cafe Noir and Cafe Mangii at UB City, Bangalore. Please do read the first post about UB City and second post which is a detailed review of two restaurants named Fava and Rasovara.

                                                               Cafe Noir

After eating heavily at Rasovara, we went on a shopping spree at UB City and discovered various luxury shopping brands. Very soon it was time for snacks. So we headed towards Café Noir for a tasting session there.

Cafe Noir Restaurant represents the “French art de vivre”, offering customers a little affordable luxury each and every day. Bread Pastries and Fine Foods lie at the heart of this inimitable French Art of Living.

Located at the Piazza, with its grey, black and white theme, Café Noir has an easy air about it and its reasonable prices only make it a truly charming setting to enjoy a complete French food experience.

We started our tasting session with ice tea which had mint leaves and lemon juice. 

Soon after a little chit chat we were served with delicious tomato soup. I just loved the soup which was served hot.

The Macarons were really good. I purchased some of these on day 2 and packed it for my little one too.

Red velvet cake was divine.

Seasonal fruit tart looked sinfully delicious.

Prestige Mousse cake was a dessert which I loved.

Pavloa were heavenly.

Roasted pork chops were served and some bloggers loved these. I don’t taste pork so did not try them.

La Gratinee Veg - Penne pasta with seasonal vegetables in bechamel sauce topped with mozzarella cheese was creamy and delicious.

Cassolette de Poissons Tandoori: A mix of seasonal fish cooked with veggies in a tandoori sauce and served with sesame rice.

Address:  # 24, Vittal Mallya Road,Bangalore - 01

                                                         Cafe Mangii

After Café Noir we headed on to Café Mangii.

Café Mangii is a nice and a casual hang out place at UB City. From classic wood fired pizzas to pastas and starters all the items on the menu are made to cater the Indian taste-buds.

The food was mainly Italian and European. Read on to know what all we tasted. Yes in this cafe I only tasted the food as I was almost full.

Watermelon and feta salad was served which had feta snow, fresh basil, arugula, drizzled mint dressed with honey and balsamic vinegar.

Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers were made with sun-dried tomato Aioli and were cripy.

Jerk Chicken Olivette was made with Scotch bonnet peppers fumed chicken supreme , jerk mayo and is served with pina colada dip.

Crostini di Polenta was really worth a try. It was grilled Parmesan polenta cakes with peperonata and chive aoili.

Chicken Envelop - Which was Scamorza gorged chicken blanket, smoked BBQ basted, apricot orange glaze.

Herbed Chicken - was chicken supreme which was grilled or Italian crumb fried and served with a house dip.

Baked Cottage Cheese was one of the yummiest dish in the veg section. It was pesto rubbed cottage cheese served with basil pine nut and house slaw.

All the dishes were equally good.

I was so full by the end-of-day that I had to skip my dinner. I had a good time with other bloggers too. Made some new friends and bonded with old ones too. The day 1 ended with fun, laughter, friendship and offcourse great food.

For more details about Cafe Mangii visit:
Address: # 24, Vittal Mallya Road,Bangalore - 01

Stay tuned to know which restaurants we visited on day 2 and a detailed photo walk of the dishes that we devoured

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