This weekend my hubby decided to give us a surprise. He told us to get ready early morning and took us for a long drive. Half the way through the journey he disclosed that we are going to Nandi Hills to enjoy the sunrise and to show some monkeys and birds to our little one. We reached there, enjoyed the sunrise, saw some grapes plantations and my daughter got to see some monkeys too J While returning back we were hungry and decided to stop for lunch somewhere on the highway. We kept looking around for some good restaurants and finally spotted Kudla. This place was on my mind since a long time too. Kudla specializes in Mangalorean and coastal cuisine and without a second thought my hubby took a deviation from the highway and stopped there for lunch.

The restaurant was on the 1st floor of the building above Café Coffee Day on the New Airport Road at Yelahanka. We parked our vehicle in the parking lot and proceeded towards the restaurant. There was no lift to go to the restaurant, but since it was first floor we did not find it difficult to reach there. We were provided with a seat of our choice. The restaurant was almost empty as we had reached slightly early.

The restaurant has only an AC section and appeared like a typical Mangalorean setup. However it was dimly lit. Only 2 lights were lit in the restaurant. I wish they had played some nice music to liven the atmosphere.

All the tables had plates, cutlery and glasses even before the guests had arrived. Due to this, dust had accumulated on the plates and we had to ask for replacement. My daughter could draw symbols on those dusty plates with her tiny fingers. The senior staff appeared little uninterested in the guests at the restaurant and appeared as if they were doing a favor to the guests by serving them food. The junior waiters served us well.

We started by ordering fresh lime soda which was refreshing. We then took a look into the menu and loved the variety of dishes that the restaurant had to offer.  From soups, salads to main course and desserts everything was from the coastal cuisine. Some interesting things like Spicy Crab rasam and Seafood combo rasa were present in soups. In veg starters they had Mushroom ghee roast, Mushroom varuval and some more dishes with mushrooms from the Mangalorean cuisine. But the chef recommended to try Kudla ge gobi i.e. deep fried cauliflower tossed in curry leaves, chopped garlic and Mangalorean spices and Beeja sukha i.e. deep fried cashewnut tossed in freshly grated coconut with Mangalorean spices.

In the chicken dishes they had Chicken ghee roast, Kori sukha and  Goan chicken cafreal. Mutton sukha and Mutton chilly fry were some of the lamb dishes available.

 We were impressed at the variety of options they had to offer in sea-fish. Lots of dishes were present on the menu like Prawns upumunchi, Goan prawns balchao, Prawns koliwada from Mumbai, Crabs sukha, Lobster masala fry, Pomfret, Anjal(Seer Fish), Bangda(Mackerel), Kane(Lady Fish), Bollinger(Silver Fish). Some of the shell fish like lobster and crabs were unavailable though it was mentioned in the menu. Chef recommends to try Malwani bombil fry, Marwai sukka, Squid masala fry and Squid chilly fry.

For the main course too there were plenty of veg options like Mangalorean sauthekai gassi, Kochi tarkari stew, etc.

Non-Veg main course again consisted of different varieties of fish curries. They also had Goan prawns vindaloo and Ceyloni prawns curry which I will definitely try next time. In chicken they had Chicken xacuti, Chettinad kara koli, Kori gassi, etc.

A variety of breads like Neer dosa, Appam, Sannas, Pundi and Kudla Tokri were available. 

In rice varieties, you could choose from dishes like Ghee rice, Flavored rice like tamarind/lemon rice, Tarkari masala bhaat, Kozhi biryani and Masala bhaat.

In desserts you can try Ragi manni and Ela neer payasam which are specific to the coastal region.

What did we eat?
We ordered chilly garlic prawns, rava fried silver fish and chicken sukha for starters. The chilly garlic prawns were heavenly. We just loved it. The rava fried fish was crispy and tasted homely. 

We ordered a repeat of chilly garlic prawns and my daughter requested for a repeat of rava fried silver fish as these dishes were simply awesome.

 Chicken sukha was also very good, but some of the chicken pieces were served with skin. We don’t like chicken with skin and had to discard the pieces. But the sukha masala was excellent.

For main course we ordered Kundapuri chicken curry and Neer dosa. The curry was really good but we did not like the chicken pieces as they were served with skin. While placing your order do ask the waiter to get the chicken without skin if you don’t like chicken skin. By default all the chicken at the restaurant is served with skin. According to them they serve only country chicken by I was not convinced by their answer as this was not mentioned for this particular dish in the menu.

We also ordered Fish Masala bhaat. It was made up of tawa fried rice with boneless fish pieces in it and was served with raita. This dish was unique and really good.

We did not have to wait too long for the food to be served to us. The dishes just kept coming one after the other.

We also decided to take-away another plate of Masala bhaat with fish and the food was parceled in disposable containers at no extra cost.

We were too full and so we did not try the desserts. Hubby asked for the bill and we decided to pay by AMEX card. This restaurant has a tie up with AMEX card and time to time they also have attractive discounts on dining like 15-20% off. Before you ask for the bill, do ask the staff at the hotel to give you the discount if it is available. Platinum card members get exclusive dining privileges at around 125 of the finest restaurants in India. The list is not exhaustive and you can narrow it down to the restaurants in your city.

My verdict:
  • Though the service was not that good, the food specially the sea-food was excellent and so I recommend this place to my readers. 
  • The Goans and Mangaloreans in Bangalore will love this place. 
  • By default the restaurant serves chicken with skin, so if you don’t like chicken with skin inform them before placing the order. If you eat chicken with skin, you will surely love the dishes. 
  • Since there is no lift, old people and senior citizens might have trouble climbing the stairs to the first floor. 
  • All the dishes were priced between Rs. 125/- Rs.450/- and were worth the portions served.
Rating: 3/5
Address:  198, BB Enclave, Above Cafe Coffee Day, Hunasemaranahalli, New Airport Road, International Airport, Bangalore
Cost for 2: Rs.800/-

Note: All the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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I was invited for a KFC Kitchen Tour at Meu Square, Bannerghatta Road along with few more food bloggers to meet the Chef's there and to see what it takes to get that fingerlickin good food. It was a long drive from Whitefield to Bannerghatta and we were tired due to travelling. We ordered some fresh lime and felt refreshed. Soon we got into their kitchen and what we saw there was really impressive.

There are 345 restaurants in more than 80 cities across India. KFC's lip smacking taste is the taste you can trust. They allow general public to walk into their kitchens anytime and to have a look at how their favourite fried chicken is marinated with the most authentic spices, hand-breaded and freshly prepared with a lot of love.

The food at KFC is freshly prepared by their Chef. The chicken that they use is 100% A Grade, farm bread chicken and is hand bread into fresh flour and secret herbs and spices multiple times before being put into the oven or fryer. There is one secret that I observed while the Chef was preparing the chicken and was impressed by it. Then she washed it in RO water and again she coated the chicken in flour and then she fried the flour coated chicken in fryer at 170 C. This was something which I loved to see. 

The hygiene is another factor which we should consider and the staff washes and sanitizes their hands every 30 Min's. They use only RO water for cooking and this is one of the most important thing which goes behind the running of a successful food chain.

Another impressive thing is the veg and non-veg segregation of food. They have separate cooking counters for veg and non-veg food and they follow stringent standards to ensure that the food is cooked separately. Not just the oil and ingredients, but even the utensils and the staff cooking the dish are separate. So now the vegetarians need not worry about chicken in their food. KFC respects the sentiments of vegetarians.

After a tour of the kitchen, we ordered food. We ordered Choco Divine and Alphonso Burst Krushers. The Choco Divine tasted heavenly. The chocolate that they add to this is not any chocolate but they add special cocoa beans which they source from Ghana. The Alphonso Mango Burst had real chunks of only the freshest, juiciest, ripest Alphonso mangoes to give it a taste like none other.

We also ordered a KFC Zinger. Popcorn Chicken, rice bowl with chicken and fiery grilled chicken. I just loved biting into the burger with juicy chicken in it. The spices used for their chicken are selected from the spice capital of the world- Kerala to make sure that the chicken has the right zing into it. KFC sources it's chicken locally from Venky's, Godrej and Suguna and they get 100% real unprocessed chicken which are farm bred. The chickens are not mutated neither treated with hormones.

The Popcorn chicken is a great hit among the kids. Popcorn Chicken is made from whole pieces of boneless chicken that are cut down into bite size chunks.

The veg items that we ordered were also good. The best was the crispy potato hash, I just loved biting into these. All the vegetables used by KFC are absolutely fresh and not frozen or preserved.

KFC does a lot of innovation in India to match the palate of Indian customers while still retaining the great original KFC taste. They keep launching new products which are aimed at offering an unmatched variety to customers. Some of their India-specific innovations are the Paneer Zinger, Veg Twister, Veg Rockin’ Burger, Potato Krisper, Veg Strips and Veg Rice Bowl.

Not just the food, but even the packaging is from sustainable sources. They use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified board.

Watch the below given video for more information on KFC Kitchen Tours.

For more information, visit
Follow KFC on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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"Kulyachem Tonak" or Crab Curry is a delicacy in Goan homes. Many people asked me for the recipe of authentic Goan Crab Masala, so I thought I should share this with you all. This is a spicy gravy with coconut and crabs. The more you cook crabs in the curry, the more flavorful it will be. We also make rava fried crabs in Goa and they turn crispy and delicious.

My hubby got crabs from More megastore. Thankfully he got them cut. My duty was only to cook them. I made this delicious curry and he loved it. He kept on telling me that his Mom makes in the same way and that the taste is awesome. You can substitute crabs for prawns too in this curry. Serve this with chapatis or rice.

Sometimes plan to surprise your fish eating guests by making this curry. Why always make chicken/mutton when guests arrive? Just surprise them with this authentic Goan crabs curry. I am sure they will be impressed and they too will remember the meal.

 Prep. Time: 45 Min's, Serves: 4

For marinating the crabs:
1 tsp red chilly powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 crabs

For the curry:
1 cup grated coconut
1 medium sized onion
1 medium sized tomato
5 garlic pods
1 tsp coriander/dhaniya seeds
1/4 tsp fenugreek/methi seeds
5 peppercorns/kali mirch
2 cloves/laung
3 dry red chillies
1 inch piece of tamarind
1 tsp garam masala
Salt to taste

Break the crab into 2 pieces. Break the claws.

Wash the crabs and marinate with the masala meant for marination and keep aside for 30 Min's.

For the curry:
In a kadai/wok,fry chopped onions and when they turn pinkish, add the dry masala consisting of coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, peppercorns and cloves and roast for 5 Min's on low heat.
Add garlic and fry till the raw smell of garlic goes away.
Add grated coconut and fry till the grated coconut becomes brownish.
Add tamarind and switch off the gas.
After cooling, grind this by adding 1 cup or sufficient water needed to grind it into a gravy.

Now the kadai/wok will be empty as the contents have been ground.
In the same empty kadai, fry chopped onions and when they turn pinkish add chopped tomato and saute till tomatoes turn mushy.
Add the marinated crabs and fry for sometime(2-3 Min's).
Pour the ground masala curry over the crabs onion and tomato mixture and mix the gravy well with the crabs.
Let the crabs get cooked nicely for 20 Min's into the gravy.

Adjust salt and switch off the heat.

The longer you fry the crabs into the masala gravy, the tastier will be the curry.
Also keep in mind that the more you cook crabs, the meat will get dissolved in curry. So take care while cooking crabs.
Add slightly less salt, as the crabs have been marinated with salt and it releases salt into the curry.
I got the crabs cut from the fish stall. If you don't know how to cut crabs, refer to videos on YouTube or google them.

There are some more recipes with crab. Try them too.
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Mommy, why are our eyes black and white, not yellow and pink?
Mommy, Why do clouds float in air?
Mommy, Why does the sun set?
Mommy, Why should we sleep with eyes closed?
All these and a lot more are the questions asked by my little 6 year old and at times I don't have a convincing answer...

Gone are those days when children used to be shy and be dependent on parents,
Gone are those days when children used to hide behind the mothers 'saree pallu' and peep at guests at home,
Gone are those days when children used to never question back to their parents,
Gone are those days when children used to believe in tooth-fairy and fairy tales.

My childhood was completely different from my daughters childhood.I was a shy kid. I would listen to whatever my Mom would tell me. I would eat whatever she fed me and wear whatever my Mom wanted me to wear. But my little daughter is not like that. She has a lot of questions. She chooses everything that she wants. Every night she tells me what her lunch and snack box should carry next day to school. She chooses her own clothes when we go out shopping. Only thing is that I have to help her with the sizes. Kids nowadays want to be independent. They want to grow up very fast and it is very important that they eat healthy food. Including Kellogg's Chocos in our child's meals either for breakfast or for evening snacks ensures that our child gets a daily dose of nutrition needed for the leanings in today's competitive world. 

More than parents, we have to be buddy parents. We should not be very authoritative or over-protective of the child. But what is important is to be their friend. They should feel free in sharing anything with their parents. My child shares everything with me. Everyday I find time to talk to her and ask her what she did whole day in the school and at the day care. She tells me every particular detail and I think it is very important for us to know what our child does. We should keep an eye on our child and what he/she does but we should not command over them. They should feel free and independent and that is important in boosting their self-confidence.

It is real fun to learn with our children. My child has recently started Karnatic music classes in school. Initially she did not want to attend them and wanted to join western dance classes a she loves to dance. However I told her that I will teach her western dance and she can learn Karnatic music and teach me the same at home. Every Wednesday she has Karnatic music classes in school and after returning home she teaches me the same. Its fun to learn with her and at the same time motivate her to learn more. She too fells like a teacher. One fine day she returned to me and said " Mommy, thanks for letting me join the Karnatic music class. I am enjoying those classes. Dance I can learn from TV too, but Karnatic music I can't learn from TV". My heart was filled with joy that she started liking those classes and that I took a great approach to learn with her.

Apart from this, she taught us to do the hula hoop ring. She always wanted to learn the hula ring. But she could not master it. At a friends birthday party she got introduced to hula hoop ring but somehow she could not spin it around. She forced me to buy a hula hoop ring from a kids toy store. I bought one for her. Finally she learnt it one day. Along with her we too tried to do it, but we could not master it. She came and told me one day that the ring was small and to get a bigger one and that if the ring is big then it spins well. So we got another one for her. She taught my hubby how to spin. Now along with her, he too learnt to spin the ring and it is a good exercise too. She tells me to try, but after 2-3 spins, the ring falls, but she keeps on telling me try.. mom try.. you will succeed one day. I am sure I will learn it one day just like how my hubby learnt. See the video below, my daughter does the hula hoop ring and also see how well her Dadda does it. It is real fun to learn something from the kids. These are some of  'Kushi Ke Pal' moments between the parent and the child.

Being buddy parents has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We should also share things with them, but I feel we should not share all the minute details, like why our day at office was not good, or how much upset we are with our in-laws and stuff. But we can always share things like our promotions, our awards or any funny things, we can tell them and ask for help. My little one helps me in kitchen too.

Since she is our only child, we are her best friends. Not only we should learn from them, but we should tell them what is right and what is wrong and also explain why it is wrong and what would be its consequences. This should be done in a friendly way. Yesterday my hubby was teaching her 5-6 letter words from dictionary and getting her ready for spell biz competition in school. We taught her the words in a friendly way and through different spelling games and by teaching her rhyming words. Apart from this, when my hubby makes the grocery list, he asks her to write down the items on a piece of paper. He dictates it to her and she writes it down. 

Today I got a note from her teacher that she has been selected from her school for the spell bee competition at the city level. It made me jump with joy and after getting the news I made her feel really special. I got her an ice-cream and some stickers. That's what she loves. So always reward the child when they come back victorious, this keeps them motivated to learn more and to excel in life. Don't pressurize them, if they don't come victorious always tell them that there is a next time too. Whichever values we give them in childhood, makes a strong foundation for their future. After all children are parents reflection.

Brand Kellogg's Chocos helps in creating 'Khuljaye Bachpan' and it is symbolic to how childhood should be. So make the leaning's fun and let your child's childhood be special. Watch the video from Kellogg's below to know more about 'Khuljaye Bachpan'.

This post has been written for Indiblogger's Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan contest.

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The first thing that strikes you about the Hungry Bells mobile app is that it isn’t your average food
ordering app. It’s a whole lot better, and a whole lot simpler. It’s this simplicity that helps the app 
stand out. 

The app’s opening screen gets to the point immediately, asking you the only question that really matters: ‘What would you like to have?’ Say you’re craving potatoes. On typing your answer in the box provided, the app directs you to a list of foods containing potatoes, available at restaurants 
close to your location. If your craving is varied, the app offers you an option to explore a more diverse selection with the option ‘SHOW ALL FOODS’. In this case, it immediately populates a longer list of foods and restaurants for you to choose from.

The app also shows you a list of trending and recommended foods in your location. This is great if you’re an eater who’s keen on satisfying your hunger with foods that are current favourites. 

It seems highly unlikely that one can be unsatisfied with the app, but the app does has a provision for you to provide feedback and reviews, where you can leave your thoughts for others to read.With features that are easy to use and an interface that’s a breeze when it comes to navigation, 
Hungry Bells is a food ordering app that I’d definitely recommend!

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Moringa leaves or drumstick leaves are an extremely rich source of anti-oxidants and are extremely good for health. People in India make lots of dishes with Moringa leaves.  In some countries, people make juice of Moringa leaves and have it on daily basis. It is believed that these leaves helps to ward off numerous diseases, helps to stabilize blood pressure and control diabetes. In Goa we have huge Drumstick trees in our backyard but never realized the importance of this tree.

During my hubby's trip to Canada, he met a lady in the flight.The lady casually spoke to my hubby and over the journey she showed him the Moringa leaves powder which she drinks every day by mixing in smoothies or any drinks. She also told him about the health benefits of Moringa leaves and since then, my hubby is after me to make dishes with them.

Ever since I came to know about it's health benefits, I started cooking them on a regular basis. The recipe mentioned in today's post is an authentic Goan recipe. We call it "muskachi bhaji" means drumstick leaves dry curry. My Mom briefed e about this recipe over the phone and I made it as per my hubby's wish.

Jackfruit Seeds
I have also added jackfruit seeds to this recipe. You can even add peanuts or any types of nuts instead of jackfruit seeds. You can dry the jackfruit seeds in sun for 2-3 days and then preserve them for further use. Also if you dry them in the sun, it is easy to peel the seeds. Mom makes this dish without peeling the seeds, I preferred peeling them. 

Ingredients:                                                  Prep. Time:20 Min's, Serves: 4
1 bunch moringa leaves
7-8 jackfruit seeds
3 dry red chilies
1 medium sized onion
3 tbsp freshly grated coconut
1 tsp jaggery
1 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste

Soak the jackfruit seeds in hot water for 30 Min's. Crack them into small pieces.
Wash the moringa leaves and separate the leaves from the stem.
Chop them fine and keep aside. You can run them in a mixer for one round if you find it difficult to chop.

Add the chopped moringa leaves, cracked jackfruit seeds and dry red chilies to a pressure cooker and pressure cook them by adding sufficient water for 5-6 whistles.
Switch off and wait for the cooker to release the pressure.

In a separate kadai/wok, add 3 tbsp oil and fry onions till they turn pinkish.
Add the contents from the pressure cooker carefully without adding the access water (if any) from the cooker. Add freshly grated coconut and mix well.
Add jaggery and turmeric powder and mix well.
Add salt to taste.

You can add any types of nuts instead of jackfruit seeds.
Green chilies
can be added instead of dry red chilies.
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I love cooking and experimenting in my kitchen. Whenever I find a new product in market, I just grab it and try to make some nice dishes with it. Mostly I buy condiments and spices on my own and sometimes I get them for reviews too. I received some masala blends and ready to eat from Eastern for a review. The following are the products which I received from Eastern Spices. They consist of Kitchen King Masala, Chat Masala, Noodle Masala, Bramhin Sambar Masala and ready to cook pouches.

I liked the noodles masala and since these days top noodles brands are under scanner for lead content, I am sure this noodles masala will be a super hit. You can try the noodles recipe given below.

1 packet hakka noodles
1 packet Eastern noodles masala
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon chilly sauce
5-6 garlic pods
1/2 cup chopped spring onions greens
1 onion
1 cup chopped spring onion whites
1 small carrot
1/2 big sized capsicum
1/2 cup green peas
1/2 cup chopped french beans
1 tablespoon butter


Boil the noodles in 3 cups water. Add 3-4 drops of oil to the boiling water. Add 1 tsp salt to it. Let the noodles get par boiled. Spread them on a strainer and let them dry for sometime. Take a fork and gently run it through the noodles.

Chop the onions length wise. Chop carrots and capsicum 1 inch lengthwise. Chop french beans of 1/2 cm width.
In a wok/kadai, add 2-3 tablespoon oil and fry onions. Once they turn pinkish, add chopped garlic and fry for sometime with lid closed. Now add the carrots,capsicum,green peas and french beans. Fry till the veges are slightly cooked.

Now add the sauces and mix properly. Add the Eastern noodles masala and mix properly. Add the spring onion greens and fry for 2 minutes.

Add salt to taste. Add a blob of butter. Now add the noodles and mix everything properly.


The Kitchen King Masala is an alternative to garam masala and can be added to subzis and stir fry's. Try adding it to Cauliflower Stir fry for a great taste. You can also try adding it to this tangy Bhendi Masala Gravy.

The chat masala was like an explosion of flavour on tongue. Salty, sweet and sour - all at once. You can add a pinch of this to your dishes specially salads. Kurkure Bhendi turns great with a dash of chat masala.

The Bramhin Sambar powder can be added to sambar to make a Tamil Bramhin style sambar. After cooking dal and veges, just add the sambar to it. Sometimes we do not get enough time to make spice blends at home. These masala blends from Eastern are of great help since they come in small pouches.

Finally about the ready to cook pouches. These were packed in flavour lock pouches. The best thing that I liked was that they got cooked in 15 minutes. These are really a great help for busy working women like me. I received 2 pouches Shahi Paneer and Methi Mutter Masala. I liked the Shahi Paneer but the Methi Mutter Masala did not suit our palate as was a bit mild on flavors. I wish I had received some spicy ready to cook pouches like Dal Makhani / Paneer Butter Masala. I will be trying them soon anyways.

They have a lot of  products which you can find on Eastern's website. The products cost between Rs.40/- to Rs.80/- only.

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