Summer Recipes

I am sure you too are not feeling like eating those spicy foods this summer. It is just March and the temperatures are rising. I am wondering how "Hot" it will be in the upcoming months of April and May. Thanks to global warming... So beat the heat with these recipes. Here are some healthy salads and refreshing drinks to cool your body. These are few recipes for the summer and more will be coming up soon. 

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Healthy Salads:

Mango Salsa

Refreshing And Healthy Juices:

Watermelon Mint Lemonade With A Twist

Rose Mint Lassi

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Desi Health Bites - Sprouted Green Grams And Cherry Tomatoes Stir Fry

Today's post is a simple yet healthy Sprouted Green Grams And Cherry Tomatoes Stir Fry. Sprouts as you all know are wonder foods. They are excellent source of protein and calcium. They help to develop immunity against certain diseases, are excellent for weight loss and promote healthy hair.There numerous health benefits of sprouts. Apart from sprouted green gram, I have also used Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil in the stir fry because this oil is also very good for health. Also this rice bran oil is highly stable unlike other oils which becomes sticky due to oxidation during frying. Rice bran oil does is non-sticky and does not stick to food.

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil is extremely good for heart and in some countries it is known as "Heart Oil". It has a key micronutrient called "Oryzanol" which is an antioxidant which is found in the bran of rice. That is the reason why this oil is dark as it is refined to keep all the micronutrients intact. Also usage of this oil in cooking does not alter the taste of food and is very good for all age groups as it is good for heart,immunity,skin and hormones.

Apart from being good for the immune system and heart, it also helps to have better skin. Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil contains good amounts of Squalene which prevents ageing of skin. Squalene is an organic compound naturally produced by human skin cells and is a natural moisturizer. So go ahead and try this healthy recipe in which I have combined all the healthy ingredients.

Ingredients:                                            Serves: 4 Prep. Time: 20 Min's
3/4 cup green grams
2 medium sized onions
7-8 yellow cherry tomatoes
4-5 curry leaves
2 tsp red chilly powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tablespoon lemon juice
4 tablespoon Fortune Rice Bran Oil
Salt to taste

How to sprout the green grams?
Soak the green grams overnight in 3 cups water.
Next morning(day1) drain the water completely and store the green grams in an airtight box.Let them be like that on day 1 night.
On Day2 morning you will see small sprouts from the green grams.
If you want larger sprouts, store them in the same airtight container for another night(day 2 night).
On Day 3 morning, you will see nice and large sprouts.
You can either store them in the fridge for 2 more days or you can start using them in your recipes.

Keep all the ingredients ready:
Finely chop the onions.
Cut the cherry tomatoes into halves.
Heat a kadai/wok and oil. When the oil gets heated add the curry leaves and fry for 1/2 Min.
Add the chopped onion and saute till the onion turns pinkish.
Now add the chopped cherry tomatoes and fry for 5 Min's.
Add the sprouted green grams and stir nicely. I am not frying the sprouts for too long, as frying sprouts too much looses it's nutritional value. I am just just frying it for 5 Min's on low flame by keeping the lid covered.
Add the chilly and turmeric powder and mix well.
Add lemon juice and mix everything nicely.
Add salt to taste.
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

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Desi Health Bites - Plantain Cutlets

Today I tried a new dish using plantains. We eat plantain once a week, but normally we make a dry subzi/stir fry out it or simply fry with rava. Eating the same type of dish every week does get a bit boring at times. So I keep on trying new recipes. Today I tried an innovative and healthy dish using plantains. It is Plantain cutlets. Normally cutlets are made up of potato, but I replaced the filling by a spicy and tangy plantain mixture. I have used chilly powder and green chilies to make it spicy and tamarind paste for making it tangy. These cutlets taste even better than the regular subzi and can be served either at lunch as a side or during snacks time. If you have a fussy eater who normally does not eat plantain subzi, you can make these cutlets and ensure that he/she gets proper nutrition.

I have used Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil for making these healthy Plantain cutlets. This is one of the healthiest oil to be used in cooking food. No, this oil is not extracted from rice, but it is extracted from rice bran which is a nutritious brown layer between the grain and the husk. Bran is the only source of "oryzanol" which is helps in reducing cholesterol and also in preventing heart diseases. This oil is also very popular all over the world. In Japan it is known as "heart oil" and in some other countries it is known as "health oil". It is not made from rice and therefore it can be consumed during fasts too. 

I have started using this oil in day-to-day cooking because it has numerous health benefits. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol as it contains "Oryzanol" which is an antioxidant and this antioxidant is found in the bran of rice. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol, thus keeping the heart healthy.

Apart from keeping the heart healthy, it also enhances the immune system as it contains antioxidants which improves health by fighting free radicals that harm the immune system. Fortune Rice Bran Health oil has natural antioxidants that help build strong immunity.

Ingredients:                                        Makes: 8, Prep. Time: 30 Min's
1 medium sized Plantain
3 tablespoon finely chopped onion/1 medium sized onion
4 tablespoon finely chopped coriander
1 tsp finely chopped green chilly
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp chilly powder
4 garlic pods
1 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste
1 marble sized ball of tamarind/2 tablespoon tamarind paste
2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tsp salt

For Frying the cutlets:
1/2 cup Rava/semolina
1/4 tsp salt
2-3 tablespoon Fortune Rice Bran Oil

Soak the tamarind in 4 tablespoon water for 20 Min's.
After 20 Min's smash it and make a paste. This gives 2 tablespoon tamarind paste.
You can also buy tamarind paste from market and use it.

Wash and cut the raw banana into 2 pieces.
Pressure cook it for 4 whistles.
When the pressure from the cooker goes low, open the cooker.
Peel the banana pieces.
Finely chop the banana and mash it with your hands.
You can use a masher too.

Add chopped onion, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chilly, cumin seeds, turmeric and chilly powder and salt.
Mix everything nicely.
Add tamarind paste, finely chopped garlic and ginger-garlic paste. Mix well.
Shape into round small shapes like table-tennis balls/lemons.
Gently flatten the balls, but maintain the height to 1 cm.

Mix the rava and salt in a plate. Gently roll the cutlets into the rava and coat it nicely.
Add Fortune Rice Bran oil to a tava/frying pan.
Once it heats, shallow fry the cutlets in the oil.
Flip to the other side after 10 Min's and fry for another 10 Min's.

Serve with tomato sauce or chutney of your choice.

“This blogpost is in association with Fortune Foods as a part of their Desi Health Bites activity– The Hunt for the Best Rice Bran Oil Recipes. For more updates and healthy recipes using Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil, follow Fortune Foods on Facebook and on Twitter at @fortunefoods.”

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LadyFish Fish Fry | Silver Whitting Fish Fry | Muddoshi Rava Fry | Fish Fry | Goan Recipes

Muddoshi or LadyFish is a fresh water fish and is extremely tasty. It is easy to clean this fish. It is very delicate and it's meat is whitish in colour. Apart from making muddoshi fish curry/hooman with this, you can also fry this fish with rava. I prefer rava fried fish as it is simple to cook. We Goans, try different types of dishes with fish and fish fry is one of them. A normal fish thali/plate in Goan homes will always have atleast one piece of fried fish along with rice, fish curry, sukha(dry) fish curry,salad and kadi. You can find a variety of fish recipes on my blog.

But it is true that we do not eat river fish. We eat only sea fish and that too fish which are known to us. If you get some unknown fish and ask us to cook and eat, we will never do that. In Goa, every morning you will notice fisher women selling fish. They go from door to door selling fish in "patle" or big tubs made of bamboo or cane. Fish is a common dish for lunch in every home in Goa. Majority of the people in Goa eat veg food without onion and garlic on Monday and Thursday. They crave for fish on these days, yet they prefer staying due to their family customs and traditions.

Ingredients:                                                       Prep. Time: 30 Min's
4-5 Muddoshi/Ladyfish Whitting

For marinating the fish:
1 tablespoon turmeric powder
2 tablespoon's chilly powder
1 tablespoon salt

For Frying the fish:
2-4 tbsp oil for frying fish

For coating the fish:
1 cup rava / semolina
1 tsp chilly powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp salt

Wash the fish till its clean. Cut the head and remove the scales. If not cut, then cut it into 2-3 pieces. I normally get fish which is cleaned and cut from the local fish store.

After cleaning and washing the fish, apply the ingredients meant for marination. Do not add any extra water. Since the fish is cleaned, it will be wet and all the ingredients meant for marination will stick to the fish. Keep this aside for 20 Min's preferably in a fridge.

Mix the all the ingredients meant for coating the fish in a big plate. So you will now get rava mixed with salt and the chilly and turmeric powder.

Dip the fish in this rawa. Ensure that it is covered with rawa on all sides.

I have used the shallow frying method to fry fish. So heat the frying pan and spread 1 tablespoon oil. Add more if required. Place the fish on the pan and fry on low flame. Spread 1/2 tbsp oil on top of the fish while frying.
After 10 minutes turn them to the other side. Fry them for 20 minutes.
You know they are done when they turn brown.

Note: Always fry fish on low flame and do not cover it while frying. Marinated fish will stay fresh in deep freezer for upto 2 weeks. Just thaw and fry.

Also check the Sardines recipe.

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Launch Of Magnum Choco Cappuccino At MasterClass 2.0

Last weekend I was invited to JW Marriott for the launch of new Choco-Cappuccino flavored Magnum ice-cream. A masterclass was also held on the same occasion by World Renowned Master Blenders - Janice Wong and Fritz Storm. Janice Wong is Asia’s best pastry chef & Fritz Storm is the World Barista Champion and the culinary expert on all things sweet.

Can you guess what happens when chocolate and coffee comes together? Isn't it sheer pleasure? Some people like me just love chocolate but don't like coffee and some people like only coffee and not chocolate and some love both. But what happens when chocolate and coffee gets married? It is the ultimate melange of two favorites Magnum Choco Cappuccino.


We also tasted the Magnum Choco-Cappuccino. It is made from a divine combination of coffee & chocolate, in creamy vanilla ice cream, infused with swirls of smooth cappuccino sauce covered in thick cracking Belgian chocolate coated with sweet crunchy pieces that deliver a distinctive ‘crack’ with every bite. Whenever you bite into a Magnum ice-cream you will always say "mmmmm".

Fritz Storm, International Barista Coach and Coffee Art Guru, gave the enthusiasts a first-hand experience into the captivating world of coffee and brewing, discussing coffee production, its selection, quality and local coffee while also sharing a few handy tips on how to create the perfect brew at home. Meanwhile, Chef Janice Wong spoke about the goodness of chocolate, fusing several unusual ingredients together to create desserts that resemble art, her devotion to Choco-Art, et al.

The Magnum Masterclass took pleasure seekers on a flavor trail that enticed all senses, thus Offering a taste of the Royal Magnum Experience.The Masters helped enthusiasts discover different interesting pairings with Coffee & Chocolate, while explaining what makes these pairings work. Magnum Choco-Cappuccino was introduced while the masters spoke about the ultimate pairing of Chocolate & Coffee. Ending the session on a high note, the masters came together to co-create their own Magnum inspired desserts made by fusing rich Belgian chocolate and aromatic coffee along with different scrumptious toppings.

Janice Wong also took us down a journey where we tasted samples of dark, milk and white chocolate. 
At the beginning of the Masterclass, Janice Wong demonstrated the recipe for Magnum Choco-Cappuccino With Chocolate Water Mousse. I liked the taste of this dish as it was all chocolate. The Water Chocolate mousse had a very light tinge of chocolaty sweetness which perfectly complemented the enticing cappuccino swirls in Magnum Choco-Cappuccino.

Fritz Storm And Janice Wong
Speaking at the master class, Fritz Storm said, “Eating a Magnum is succumbing to Chocolate Pleasure that connects with all the senses. Top this with the enticing aroma and rich flavor of coffee and you are sure to be transported to a magical world filled with pure pleasure.”


Janice Wong, celebrated pastry chef also expressed her excitement at Magnum launching their new flavour and said, “Chocolate and coffee is a match made in heaven. It’s literally a sweet salvation that teases your senses. I had a great time experimenting the various coffee and chocolate combinations at the Magnum master class.” 

We bloggers and the Masters - Left to right - Sweata, Smitha, Fritz Storm, Janice Wong, Myself(Raksha).

After the Magnum Masterclass, we all clicked some photos with the Masters and then we all headed for refreshments. We also received a jar filled with dark chocolates as a take-away along with a Magnum pen drive.

The irresistible new flavor, Magnum Choco Cappuccino is available across all major stores from 1st March 2015 at INR 90/- 

For more information on Magnum follow them on Twitter <> or join their Facebook page

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