About Me

Raksha Kamat

Hi, I am Raksha Kamat, the face behind Raksha’s Kitchen. I am a software engineer by profession, a mom to a cutie pie and a passionate food blogger. I am born and brought up in a joint family in Goa and now settled in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore.

Prior to my marriage, I did not know anything about cooking. We (kids) were never allowed in the kitchen as there were plenty of people to cook for us. We were asked only to concentrate on studies. Occasionally I cooked dishes like omelettes, noodles and tea. It was only during my marriage that my mom thought that I need to learn to cook. She wrote some basic recipes in a diary and handed it over to me when I got married.

 After marriage, when I came to Bangalore with my husband, I got a big kitchen and the freedom to rule it. I watched some cooking shows on TV during free time and followed the recipes from the diary which mom gave me. Oh yes! My hubby deserves credits too. He is the main person who taught me to cook. Without him, I would have never had the practical experience of cooking.

Raksha’s Kitchen was started on 19th Feb 2010, as a journal to document the recipes I cook for my family. Soon this became my passion. My husband is the main person who motivated me to pursue my passion. Without his support I would not have been where I am today. He is not just a taster and critic, but he is the main pillar I lean on whenever I need to take certain decisions. He saw that I was really focused on my blog and gifted me a DSLR on my birthday as a surprise. I learnt food photography and food styling and took my passion to where I am today.

My mom now feels very happy that I learnt to cook and have my own website. My daughter loves the food I cook and says “The best restaurant in the world is my mother’s kitchen”. When I cook a dish and she screams “YUMMY” I feel very happy . Off-course! Raksha’s Kitchen is something which I have kept for her to gift for her marriage 🙂

Friends, do try my recipes and if you like/dislike any then please feel free to drop a comment or an email. Also do send a picture if a dish turns out good. I would love to add it to “Tried and tested” album on my Facebook page.

You can contact me at rujal29@gmail.com or connect with me on any of my social pages. Looking ahead for your continued support.

Love you all,

Raksha Kamat