Shrimp Stir Fry With Cheesy Dip Mayo

Shrimp Stir fry with cheesy dip mayo

Being a working woman I always try recipes which are quick and easy to make, specially for busy the weeknight dinners. Today’s recipe is a delicious stir fry made with shrimps or prawns, some vegetables like bell pepper, onion, tomato, broccoli and Delmonte Cheesy Dip mayo. This stir fry can be served with chapatis, slice… 

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Mexican Low Fat Fish Wraps

HEalthy fish wraps

Mexican Low Fat Fish Wraps makes a delicious snack. I have used basa fish fillets in this recipe. You can have grilled fish to preserve the nutritional value of fish. You can also shallow fry the marinated fish fillets and add them to the wraps. Fish as you know are fish in omega 3 fatty… 

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Chettinad Fish Fry

Chettinad fish fry

Chettinad fish fry is a delicious and spicy preparation of fish made in the Chettinad region of South India. This cuisine is known for spicy food which is made using freshly ground masalas. You can use any type of firm fleshed fish in this recipe. I used surmai/seerfish to make this delicious fish fry.  … 

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Black Pomfret Curry | Halwa Fish Curry | Goan Black Pomfret Hooman

Black Pomfret Curry

Today I want to share with you all another delicacy from Goa i.e. Black Pomfret Curry or Halwa Fish Curry or Kali Paplet Hooman. This curry taste best when had with white steamed rice or boiled rice. Some Goan’s even have this curry with pav/bread. Recently my blog reader requested this recipe of black pomfret… 

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Stuffed White Pomfret

Stuffed White Pomfret or Bharille Paaplet is a delicacy in the Goan kitchen. My mom always made stuffed mackerelsfor me as I love them. I can never eat simple rava fried mackerel, but if it is stuffed I just love it. The stuffing is so yummy that you feel like eating it again and again…. 

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Pearl Spot Curry | Kalundar Hooman

Pearl Spot curry is another authentic Goan fish curry. Pearl Spot is known as “Kalundar” in Goa and “Karimeen” in Kerala. It is a freshwater fish, but it is also found in salty waters. As you might have seen before that my blog specializes in Goan food, I want to make this blog the best platform… 

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Shark Masala | Goan Shark Curry | Mori Mutton

Goan Shark Curry

Whenever my in laws visited us in Bangalore, my father in law used to get variety of fish and ask my mom in law to prepare different dishes for us. He used to think that we don’t know to prepare fish here. Yes, during the initial days, I did not know to cook fish. But… 

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Crabs Masala | Goan Crab Curry | Crab Tonak

Crab Masala

“Kulyachem Tonak” or Crab Curry is a delicacy in Goan homes. Many people asked me for the recipe of authentic Goan Crab Masala, so I thought I should share this with you all. This is a spicy gravy with coconut and crabs. The more you cook crabs in the curry, the more flavorful it will… 

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Mackerel Recheado – Stuffed Mackerels | Goan Recipe

Recheado Bangdo

After Grilled Recheado Prawns, it is Recheado Mackerel. This is another authentic Goan dish and is a favorite at home. If you are in Goa, do not miss eating this dish in restaurants. It is just awesome and delicious. Believe me. I just love this dish since childhood. I never eat mackerel simply by rava… 

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Grilled Prawns In Recheado Masala

Grilled Prawns In Recheado Masala

It was just a regular weekend. As usual hubby went to the local mall to get fish. He came back with some mackerels, sardines and tiger prawns. Always wanted to try recheado masala and this time I thought that it is a perfect opportunity to make recheado prawns. Also I want to experiment again with… 

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Mackerel Pickle | Mackerel Balchao | Goan Recipes

Mackerel Pickle or Mackerel Balchao is one of the delicacy from the Goan Kitchen. Since my childhood I have this and I just love it. Before my marriage my Mom and aunts used to make this delicacy. After marriage I was missing it and learnt it from my Mom. Now I have the pleasure in… 

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LadyFish Fish Fry | Silver Whitting Fish Fry | Muddoshi Rava Fry | Fish Fry | Goan Recipes

Lady fish rava fry

Muddoshi or LadyFish is a fresh water fish and is extremely tasty. It is easy to clean this fish. It is very delicate and it’s meat is whitish in colour. Apart from making muddoshi fish curry/hooman with this, you can also fry this fish with rava. I prefer rava fried fish as it is simple… 

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How To Clean Prawns – Video Recorded Using MyAsusZenFone

#MyAsusZenFone had been a darling companion all these days. Apart from using it for making and receiving calls and browsing the internet, I loved it because of its great camera. I can click great pictures on the fly. Not just that, I also used it to make some great videos. There is an unique in-built… 

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Mackerel Sukha | Mackerel Recipe | Goan Fish Recipes | Bangdyache Sukhe

Mackerel Sukha , Bangdyache Sukhe

When Mom cooks food it always becomes tasty. Similarly when my Mom cooks fish, I just love it and nothing beats food which my Mom cooks. The Mackerel recipe in today’s post is another recipe which I learnt from my Mom. This was the dish which I was craving to eat when I was carrying… 

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Kerala Fish Curry With Coconut Milk | SeerFish Curry | Surmai Fish Curry

Kerala Fish Curry

Fish Curry is a curry which I cook on every weekend. My hubby being a fish lover, gets home a variety of fish. There was a Seafood Festival at More Megastore and hubby got a recipe book when he bought fish. So I thought of trying a recipe from that book just for a change…. 

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Golden Fried Prawns | Batter Fried Prawns | Deep Fried Shrimps

Golden Fried Prawns

Prawns are a favorite in my house. All my family members love Prawns. My hubby gets prawns just because I love them like anything. The tiger prawns that we get are juicy. Apart from the normal rava fried prawns, I make number of dishes using them like grilled prawns, Prawns Biryani, Goan Prawns Curry, etc…. 

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Talle Suke | Sardines Masala Goan Style | Goan Fish Recipes

Tallyache Sukhe

In Goa, we get variety of sea fish and there are number of fish recipes.’Talle Sukke’ meaning sardines dry masala  is another recipe which my Mom taught me during my trip to Goa in October. It turns very good and has a tangy spicy taste. The tanginess comes from the kokum petals and tamarind that… 

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Crab Masala | Spicy Crab Gravy | Crab Recipes | Crab legs

Crab Masala, Crab recipe, crab legs

I just realised that this wonderful recipe is lying in my archives. I had cooked this recipe during my trip to Goa when my brother came home with fresh crab catch. It was a great chance for me to try something delicious as I love Crabs. Also I am a cancerian and I love being… 

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Fried Crabs | Rava Fried Crabs | Crab Fry | Goan Recipes

Rava Fried Crabs

During my recent vacation in Goa, my only motive was to try a lot of dishes with fish. Right from Surmai/King Fish to Sardines and Mackerels to Prawns and Crabs, I ate almost all the types of fish and really had a feast. My Mom taught me some more dishes with fish. They will be… 

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Hakka Noodles With Shrimps | Indo-Chinese Noodles Recipe

Hakka Noodles With Shrimps

I have been preparing hakka noodles with shrimps since last 9 years. Everyone at home loves it. This time I prepared it with minimal ingredients. Since Shrimps were lying in my fridge, I added them to this dish and it turned yummy. My Mom used to prepare hakka noodles at home and I learnt it… 

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Egg Prawns Burji | Scrambled Eggs With Prawns

egg burji with prawns

We get so much bored of food at times that we want different. Preparing the same menu everyday and eating the same type of food becomes routine at times. I always feel like innovating and trying different things when I cook.  This time I thought of preparing egg burji with a twist. I had some… 

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Goan Prawns Curry With Raw Mango

Prawns curry

I love Prawns. I feel extremely happy if someone gives me prawns curry and rice with some fried fish. If I get this, I don’t want any other type of non-veg food. In Goa we make curries with various types of fish. This curry is locally we call “Hooman”. This time I added raw mango… 

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Sambal Fish Steak

Sambal fish steak

“A recipe has no soul, you as a cook should bring soul to the recipe“. This was my 2nd experiment using Sambal Oelek Sauce. I simply followed the recipe which was mentioned behind the bottle of the Sambal Oelek Sauce. What I did extra was the marination part and also added Soya sauce. The experiment… 

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