Goan Prawns Curry With Ladyfingers

Goan Prawns Curry With Ladyfingers, Goan Prawns Curry, Prawns Curry, Goan Fish Curry

You might have heard about the famous Goan Prawns Curry right? Well, did you know that our famous Goan Prawns Curry has different versions? We make it by adding raw mangoes, bilimbi, hog-plums, lady fingers, etc. We also make it with or without onion. Today’s recipe is another version of Goan Prawns Curry i.e. Goan… 

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Goan Surmai Fish Curry (Seer Fish Curry) & A Review of TTK Racer Mixer Grinder

Racer Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinder is one of the most essential product that we need in our kitchens. Indian cuisine is made up of lots of chutneys, curries and ground masalas. We use a mixer grinder almost every single day. In today’s post I will be sharing a review of TTK Racer Mixer Grinder and a delicious Goan… 

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Khubyache Sukhe | Goan Black Clam Sukha

Khubyache Sukhe or Goan Black Clam Sukha is a dish made with black clams, grated coconut, kokum and spices. This recipe is normally cooked dry and is cooked along with the half shell of the clams. We also make tonak or curries and cutlets with black clams. The same recipes can be cooked by replacing… 

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Black Pomfret Curry | Halwa Fish Curry | Goan Black Pomfret Hooman

Black Pomfret Curry

Today I want to share with you all another delicacy from Goa i.e. Black Pomfret Curry or Halwa Fish Curry or Kali Paplet Hooman. This curry taste best when had with white steamed rice or boiled rice. Some Goan’s even have this curry with pav/bread. Recently my blog reader requested this recipe of black pomfret… 

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Mackerel Uddamethi | Bangda Uddamethi | Mackerel Curry In Black Urad Dal And Fenugreek Seeds

Mackerel Uddamethi | Bangda Uddamethi | Mackerel Curry In Black Urad Dal And Fenugreek Seeds

Ever since my childhood I have loved this Mackerel Uddamethi | Bangda Uddamethi | Mackerel Curry In Black Urad Dal And Fenugreek Seeds . It tastes just delicious and leaves one licking their fingers. You can serve this curry with rice or have it as a side dish in your fish thali. Some people love… 

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Crabs Masala | Goan Crab Curry | Crab Tonak

Crab Masala

“Kulyachem Tonak” or Crab Curry is a delicacy in Goan homes. Many people asked me for the recipe of authentic Goan Crab Masala, so I thought I should share this with you all. This is a spicy gravy with coconut and crabs. The more you cook crabs in the curry, the more flavorful it will… 

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Mackerel Sukha | Mackerel Recipe | Goan Fish Recipes | Bangdyache Sukhe

Mackerel Sukha , Bangdyache Sukhe

When Mom cooks food it always becomes tasty. Similarly when my Mom cooks fish, I just love it and nothing beats food which my Mom cooks. The Mackerel Sukha recipe in today’s post is another recipe which I learnt from my Mom. This Bangdyache Sukhe was the dish which I was craving to eat when… 

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Kerala Fish Curry With Coconut Milk | SeerFish Curry | Surmai Fish Curry

Kerala Fish Curry With Coconut Milk

Fish Curry is a curry which I cook on every weekend. My hubby being a fish lover, gets home a variety of fish. There was a Seafood Festival at More Megastore and hubby got a recipe book when he bought fish. So I thought of trying a recipe from that book just for a change…. 

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Talle Suke | Sardines Masala Goan Style | Goan Fish Recipes

Tallyache Sukhe

In Goa, we get variety of sea fish and there are number of fish recipes. ‘Talle Sukke’ also known as Tallyache sukhe meaning sardines dry masala  is another recipe made with sardines which my Mom taught me during my trip to Goa in October. It turns very good and has a tangy spicy taste. The… 

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Crab Masala | Spicy Crab Gravy | Crab Recipes | Crab legs

Crab Masala, Crab recipe, crab legs

I just realised that this wonderful recipe is lying in my archives. I had cooked this recipe during my trip to Goa when my brother came home with fresh crab catch. It was a great chance for me to try something delicious as I love Crabs. Also I am a cancerian and I love being… 

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Goan Prawns Curry With Raw Mango

Prawns curry

I love Prawns. I feel extremely happy if someone gives me prawns curry and rice with some fried fish. If I get this, I don’t want any other type of non-veg food. In Goa we make curries with various types of fish. This curry is locally we call “Hooman”. This time I added raw mango… 

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Goan Style Velli Hooman | Anchovy Gravy | Goan Fish Curry

Goan Vellyache Hooman

In Goa we have fish curry every other day except on Monday, Thursday and on other auspicious days. Fish curry and rice along with fried fish is what 90% of the Goans love, remaining 10% will be the vegetarians. Out of all the different types of fish, I love the smallest fish that is Anchovy… 

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