Cucumber Orange Mocktail With Curry Leaves

Did you ever wonder what happens when pure and refreshing collide? Sparkling Himalayan is here to make you familiar with this. Sparkling Himalayan is a natural, mineral-enriched water with added mild carbonation, giving your life a little sparkle. Every sip of Sparkling Himalayan enriches the palate with a cool, distinct taste.
Today’s post is another entry to the Sparkling Himalayan Contest happening post the Indian Food Bloggers Meet 2014. We have to follow Shatbhi Basu’s signature mocktails by giving it our own twist. Offcourse, we have to add sparkling Himalayan water to #SparkleEveryday. I thought of trying the Cucumber & Curry Leaves Lemonade. Instead of using lime, I used orange juice. I was a bit skeptical while adding orange juice to cucumber puree. The added mild carbonation of Sparkling Himalayan Water makes it go down smoothly, revitalizing you with every sip.

My little one did not even allow me to click pictures. She wanted to drink the entire mocktail. So I had to bargain with her the first sip of the mocktail even before clicking the picture. She loved it as she loves oranges.

Ingredients:                                                         Serves: 1
1/4 cup fresh cucumber puree
1/2 cup orange juice
8-10 fresh curry leaves
1 tablespoon sugar syrup
Sparkling Himalayan water
Ice cubes as needed

Fill 3/4th glass with ice cubes.
Add cucumber puree over the ice cubes, followed by orange juice and sugar syrup.
Drop in the curry leaves and hen stir in Sparkling Himalayan Water.
Garnish with ice cubes and curry leaves or as required.


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