French Toast

12/12/2011 Raksha Kamat 12 Comments

On a typical weekend I prefer cooking something different for the breakfast. Normally I prepare chapatis for breakfast, but on weekends I put my chef cap and start experimenting in my kitchen.
Long back I had prepared French Toast and my hubby dear did not like it. But things have changed since then. I prepared a French Toast in my kitchen and both my hubby and baby loved them. I have done some changes from what is mentioned in the original recipe that I referred. The taste was awesome and we loved it.
Hubby suggested me not to add Vanilla essence and sugar next time. I have to remember that :)

This recipe was another hit in my kitchen and super easy too. Serve it hot and eat it when hot. When it cools it won't taste that great.

Recipe Source: Click here
1 loaf of bread
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tsp sugar
1 or 2 drops of vanilla essence
Ghee/Butter to fry

Whisk the eggs together properly. To this add the other ingredients except ghee/butter.

Dip the bread with this mixture on both sides. Do not soak it for too long in the mixture. Just dip and pick it up.

In a frying pan, heat 1 tsp ghee/butter. Now add the bread slice / slices and fry them till they become brownish on both sides.

Serve it with your favorite sauce or honey or anything that you like.



  1. Yum ...nice way to start the day ...

  2. simple and delicious recipe.. nice presentation..

  3. Lovely, healthy and yummy french toast!

  4. Love this...Looks very yum Raksha.

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :)

  6. Yum yum, french toast looks super delicious.

  7. I love these too. Can you make them savoury? do let me know the recipe.

  8. Simple and healthy breakfast..yummyyyy

  9. The best breakfast to have during fasting days.. :)

  10. Quick simple and delicious....:).


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