How to make Cottage Cheese/Paneer out of spoilt milk?

What do you do when a packet of milk gets spoiled? Paneer or Cottage Cheese? Yea, a lot of things can be done from spoilt milk. In today’s post we will see How to make Cottage Cheese/Paneer out of spoilt milk?
In Goa, we make a sweet dish called ‘Chayo Boyo’. Some people just discard the spoilt milk. Isn’t it bad?
Why to discard something if something nice can be made out of it?But since a long time I have been making paneer out of the milk which gets spoilt.
Once 2 packets of milk got spoilt and I could get approx. around 200 gm’s of paneer from the 2 packets of spoilt milk.

1 packet of spoilt milk

Spoilt milk


Strain the spoilt milk using a muslin cloth. Let all the whey get drained.

Tie it tightly and keep heavy weight on top it.

Let it remain tightly tied for 6-8 hrs.

When you untie the muslin cloth, you will get paneer. Cut this into cubes and use this to make a variety dishes. This can stay fresh in refrigerator for 2-3 days.

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  1. says

    Hi Mady,

    It is not imp to add lemon to spoilt milk. But add lemon or vinegar to fresh milk to spoil it and to make paneer. Lemon or vinegar spoils milk and then we get paneer. But if it is first only spoilt then easily paneer will be formed.


  2. sweety says

    hi..if i keep paneer (made from spoilt milk ) in the freezer can i use it after few days?

  3. says

    I make paneer sometimes, but I did not know that you can use spoilt milk. It saves the waste and a hassle of boiling and adding something sour to split it. Really neat, thanks.

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