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  1. Thanks Raksha, your article is very specific and helpful.
    I just have one question. I have been collecting the cream in a bowl (not a glass one though, it was of stainless steel) in the fridge. After a few days like 3-4 days, I noticed a little fungal spot on the cream. I threw away that particular part of teh cream. But I am not sure if it's okay to use the rest of the cream.
    Also I don't understand why this happened. Should I be keeping them in air tight container? Or glass container is a must? Coz i observed my Mom used to make ghee and collect the cream in a stainless steel bowl only and it used to work!
    Could you throw some light into it?

  2. should I use only cows milk for making ghee or packaged milk will also do?
    Also if I don't store the collected cream from milk in refrigerator will it get spoiled? Because I stay in a PG style accomodation I don't have access to refrigerator.

  3. You can use any milk , even packaged.
    Yes there are chances that milk cream which is not stored in refrigerator will get spoiled. Fungus will start developing on it.

  4. Hi Raksha,

    I put the entire cream into the blender and ran it to for over 20 mins. The butter and water did not separate. I collecyed cream from 4% fat- packaged milk.

    What should I do? Can I use it as cream for pasta or for something else while I cook?

  5. U can use the buttermilk to mould dough for making parathas, or just season it and drink it as chaas and if it smells bad, just discard it by retaining a bit. If u retain a bit next time you can use it as a base in which you can collect all the cream.

  6. Yes sometimes collecting milk cream for many days changes to butter as the milk cream gets fermented. Else you can add 2 tablespoon curds to the jar in which you collect the milk cream.

  7. Hi raksha ,I stored the cream in a glass jar & refrigerated it.I used ice cubes while blending it. But still the butter did not separate it looked like buttermilk. I ran the mixer for some 10 min. Pls help

  8. I think you added lots of ice cubes which melted. Try running the mixer for more 15 minutes. And next time when you collect cream, add 1 tablespoon curd to your jar or left over buttermilk that you will have after making butter.

  9. Is there any use of remaining burnt fat material after filtering pure ghee at the last step. What it called as?

    • After collecting all the ghee to a separate bottle/ container, add 50-100 gms of rice flour to the vessel, a little coconut, sugar/ jaggery depending on your taste. you can add dry fruits/ cardamom etc depending on your taste/ creativity. Mix all this well in the vessel and take it out. Enjoy this savoury. My grandmother used to make this everytime she made ghee at home and we loved it as kids.

    • We can add sugar to the left over khoya and eat, dont burn the khoya entirely while making the ghee, if its golden brown color. It tastes amazing. At my place, we also add beetle leaf in the last, and eat that too for health reason. Try and see.

  10. Hi Raksha,

    Thanks for your post..I got the ghee …but the aroma is not as GRB Ghee..

    should we follow anything else?

  11. Hi ,why the butter i make from above proc is white in colour ? Is it butter r am i making something wrong.

  12. you could preferably store t in the freezer and you should not see any fungus…even in the stainless steel bowl and you can use that cream .If any fungus remains in that cream then it will die in the heating process.#CHAPETIP

  13. Fantastic article. It could be great if you can create a blog for making ghee using traditional Vedic process.

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