Masterclass At Bengaluru Baking Company, JW Marriott, Bangalore #BBCDelights

Last weekend I was invited for a masterclass at Bengaluru Baking Company(BBC) at JW Marriott, Bengaluru along with a few other foodies. BBC is one of the trendiest networking hubs in the city. It is a classic pastry shop. Within a short span of time BBC has become Sip and Surf destination – perfect for a quick coffee before heading to a movie, a sumptuous lunch after shopping, ideal meeting venue for professionals or even a quiet space for people who want recreation.
Bengaluru Baking Company
The ambiance is it is set against the backdrop of large glass windows coupled with white marble interiors. It is spacious and is perfect for meeting friends or even apt for a nice romantic evening. It has a well stacked library on level one with plug in laptop stations, Wifi for all.
Buns, Croissants and more

There is an interactive baking area where the masterclass was conducted. It offers a novel Gourmet experience with the new menu which includes a lavish spread of freshly crafted finger food and beverages. 

Muffins, Cupcakes and Candies
You can indulge in wide variety of pastries and made-to-order sandwiches prepared by Chef Daniel along with coffees, teas and fruit juices.
Chef Daniel And Chef Grenal demonstrating the making of Chocolate Lava Cake
Chef Daniel is currently the face of BBC conducting his popular baking classes for kids and adults. He keeps revealing the secrets to some of his signature specialties at BBC. He also offers amateur bakers an opportunity to be a Pastry Chef for a Day with novel and bespoke baking experience.
During the Masterclass we learnt 4 types of Gourmet dishes.
Taco Salad


The first one was a Mexican inspired Taco Salad to spice up things.
The step’s captured while making of the Taco Salad
The next to be demonstrated was the Jamaican Jerk.
 Jamaican Jerk
It looked like a burger, but it was not a burger. It was made up of tomato focaccia bread. This iconic Caribbean jerk seasoning gets its kick from a blend of ingredients such as chillies, thyme, cinnamon, garlic and nutmeg.
The step’s captured in making of the Jamaican Jerk
Then we learnt to make Caprese Sandwich which was crunchy.
Caprese Sandwich
This was an amazing sandwich as we could hear that crunch while biting into it. The classic Caprese salad of juicy tomatoes with fresh Buffalo mozzarella and fragrant basil made it a fantastic vegetarian sandwich. The bread used was Ciabatta.
Steps captured while making the Caprese Sandwich
The last one to be demonstrated was the star. It was a heavenly Chocolate Lava Cake. Learning to make this is something that I will treasure forever.
Chocolate Lava Cake
Can something be more romantic than melted chocolate oozing out of a cake? The process of making it was very simple. I will be trying this one soon and will share the recipe with you all.
Step-by-step chocolate lava cake recipe
Overall the entire afternoon was a good one, spent learning 4 types of Gourmet dishes and then chit-chatting with the Chef’s and the foodies. We tasted all the 4 dishes. I loved the Taco Salad the most and since I have decided to eat healthy, I will surely make this salad too. The chocolate lava cake will surely surprise my Valentine on the upcoming Valentine’s day.
The goodies from the masterclass that we learnt at the end of the class
To know more about such classes and events happening there, follow them on twitter @JWMarriottBLR and like them on Facebook.
Image Credit: JW Marriott Facebook page


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