Moroccan Baked Fish

Moroccan baked fish

Morocco is a North African country, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Spices are widely used in Moroccan food. A firm fleshed fish like salmon or basa fish is used to make this dish. Moroccan Baked Fish recipe is a popular dish made in Morocco and Mediterranean region. The fish is baked on… 

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Crabs Masala | Goan Crab Curry | Crab Tonak

Crab Masala

“Kulyachem Tonak” or Crab Curry is a delicacy in Goan homes. Many people asked me for the recipe of authentic Goan Crab Masala, so I thought I should share this with you all. This is a spicy gravy with coconut and crabs. The more you cook crabs in the curry, the more flavorful it will… 

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Crab Masala | Spicy Crab Gravy | Crab Recipes | Crab legs

Crab Masala, Crab recipe, crab legs

I just realised that this wonderful recipe is lying in my archives. I had cooked this recipe during my trip to Goa when my brother came home with fresh crab catch. It was a great chance for me to try something delicious as I love Crabs. Also I am a cancerian and I love being… 

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Fried Crabs | Rava Fried Crabs | Crab Fry | Goan Recipes

Fried Crabs

During my recent vacation in Goa, my only motive was to try a lot of dishes with fish. Right from Surmai/King Fish to Sardines and Mackerels to Prawns and Crabs, I ate almost all the types of fish and really had a feast. My Mom taught me some more dishes with fish. They will be… 

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