Moroccan Baked Fish

Moroccan baked fish

Morocco is a North African country, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Spices are widely used in Moroccan food. A firm fleshed fish like salmon or basa fish is used to make this dish. Moroccan Baked Fish recipe is a popular dish made in Morocco and Mediterranean region. The fish is baked on… 

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Anchovy Fish Fry | Velli Fish Fry

Anchovy Fry

Since the time I came to Bangalore, I don’t get to eat much fish. One main reason is we don’t get fresh fish in Bangalore and the varieties of sea fish that we get here is too less. During my last trip to Goa in December, I only savoured on small fish and I actually… 

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Goan Velli Sukhe | Anchovy Semi Gravy

Velli Sukhe

Whenever I used to return home from school, my Mom would ask me to change the uniform and to come downstairs for lunch. I used to come and sit for lunch and my Mom would serve delicious food for me. One of my favorite one was “Velli Sukhe” or Anchovies Semi Gravy. I never knew… 

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Goan Style Velli Hooman | Anchovy Gravy | Goan Fish Curry

Goan Vellyache Hooman

In Goa we have fish curry every other day except on Monday, Thursday and on other auspicious days. Fish curry and rice along with fried fish is what 90% of the Goans love, remaining 10% will be the vegetarians. Out of all the different types of fish, I love the smallest fish that is Anchovy… 

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