Patoli Recipe | Pattoleo Recipe | Coconut, Jaggery And Rice Dumplings Wrapped And Steamed In Turmeric Leaves

Pattoleo or patoli or patolyo or coconut and rice dumplings steamed in turmeric leaves is a traditional Goan food normally made on special occasions like Shravan Sunday or on 1st day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Shravan is an auspicious month in India which comes during mid or beginning of August. As soon as the monsoons start, you see everything green around. You see life everywhere and new things start growing.


During this month, various festivals are held like Nagapanchami, Janmashtami, Varamahalakshmi, etc. Along with these festivals, we Goans also worship the Sun god on shravan Sunday. We call it “Aitaar poojan”. Aitaar means Sunday. During the Shravan Sundays we make various sweet dishes at home and Pattoloe or patolyo are normally made on the first Shravan Sunday. During this Shravan Sunday, married ladies collect flowers and different types of leaves. They also make a small art work with palm leaf and offer it to Sun god. They eat veg food during the Shravan Sunday and pray for the longevity of their husband.


I wanted to make this dish since a long time. But I could not find turmeric leaves in Bangalore. Last week my parents visited me and they got lots of turmeric leaves from our backyard in Goa. I did a secret happy dance after seeing these leaves.

Today when I prepared these pattoleo, we did a team work at home. My hubby and my little princess sat and spread the rice flour dough on the turmeric leaves. I added the grated coconut mixture, sealed them and steamed them. Hubby later offered it to god as neivedyam as it was a Sunday too. After that we all consumed it. Little one was very excited to make them. She loved them and all the while she kept singing “Patoli patoli… “ 🙂

I have made these using rice flour. Some people soak rice overnight, grind it and then follow the same process. I just went the short-cut way.

Oh the smell of turmeric leaves while the dumplings get steamed is divine. The flavor of turmeric leaves gets seeped into the rice flour while steaming and enhances the taste of patoli. Do try this delicious dish and let me know your thoughts. You can share the pictures with me via email or send it to me on Facebook.
Ingredients:                                   Makes 15 patoli, Prep. Time: 1 hour
15 turmeric leaves
1 cup rice flour
2 cups water
¼ teaspoon salt
2 cups freshly grated coconut
5 cardamom pods, peeled and crushed
¾ cup grated jaggery
Salt to taste

1) Boil the water. After boiling, add the rice flour and salt in parts and mix well with a spoon. After it absorbs all water, switch off the gas and let it cool. After cooling down a bit, take the dough on a plate and mix it well as shown in the picture below.
2) Meanwhile, wash the turmeric leaves and pat them dry.
3) Heat a kadai, add grated coconut, grated jaggery, crushed cardamom pods and salt. Stir for 2-3 minutes till grated coconut and jaggery gets mixed. Switch off the gas. Let it cool. As per my mom, this process is known as “charcharavop” in Konkani.
Now let us start making the pattoleo or patolyo.
4) Keep a container filled with 1 cup water handy to dip the fingers when they get sticky.

5) Place the turmeric leaf on a plate. On the smooth inside part of the leaf, spread 2 tablespoon of rice flour dough. Whenever the fingers get sticky with dough, just dip them in water and spread the dough. This helps for spreading the dough smoothly. Leave some space near the edges of the leaf, this will help in sealing the pattolyo.


6) Over this spread 1 teaspoon of grated coconut and jaggery mixture. If leaves are too big, you may need to add more mixture. Do not add too much of coconut jaggery mixture as we will not be able to close and seal properly. Do not worry if the edges remain slightly open too. Our ultimate goal is to steam the dumplings.

patoli recipe
7) Close the pattoleo by bringing the edges together, just like how we close a book when kept on a table. Apply slight pressure after closing it. You may also close it by vertically.
8) If the patolyo are big, cut them in halves.
9) Steam them in a steamer for 20 Minutes.
Take time to smell the divine fragrance of steaming turmeric leaves.
Enjoy these pattolyo steaming hot.
steamed dumplings in turmeric leaves

Check the following video and enjoy the patolyo.

A video posted by Raksha Kamat (@rakshaskitchen) on Aug 21, 2016 at 1:25am PDT


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