Goan Prawns Curry With Ladyfingers

Goan Prawns Curry With Ladyfingers, Goan Prawns Curry, Prawns Curry, Goan Fish Curry

You might have heard about the famous Goan Prawns Curry right? Well, did you know that our famous Goan Prawns Curry has different versions? We make it by adding raw mangoes, bilimbi, hog-plums, lady fingers, etc. We also make it with or without onion. Today’s recipe is another version of Goan Prawns Curry i.e. Goan… 

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Goan Style Velli Hooman | Anchovy Gravy | Goan Fish Curry

Goan Vellyache Hooman

In Goa we have fish curry every other day except on Monday, Thursday and on other auspicious days. Fish curry and rice along with fried fish is what 90% of the Goans love, remaining 10% will be the vegetarians. Out of all the different types of fish, I love the smallest fish that is Anchovy… 

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Goan Dry Fish Curry with Dry Mackerel / Sukya Bangdyache Hooman

Sukya Bangdyache Hooman

Every time I visit Goa, I get dry fish from the local market. This comes handy when we feel like eating “hooman” i.e. Goan Fish Curry. At least if dry fish is there, this hooman can be cooked easily. In Goa hardly anyone prepares this Sukya Bangdyache Hooman or Dry Fish Curry as they get… 

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