3 Days In Budapest

I wish I could stay one more day in Vienna. It was beautiful and the weather was awesome too. But as per the itinerary, we had to proceed to Hungary, again by a coach. The drive from Vienna to Budapest was lovely. We had fun while crossing borders. The first half of the day went… 

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Half-Day Tour Of Vienna, Austria


By now you all know that I had been on a vacation to Europe in the 2nd week of August 2017. I had been to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. You read about Prague in the 1st post. In today’s post you will read about Vienna. This post will not be as lengthy as Prague post… 

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A Day In Prague – Czech Republic


You all might have been wondering why there were no recipes and posts on my website. Am I right? Yea, the news is that I was on a short vacation to Europe (Prague, Vienna and Budapest) last week and a bit busy with shopping for the trip and office work before that. It is difficult… 

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A Weekend Trip From Bangalore To Mysore

Mysore Trip

Mysore is located approximately 150 kms from Bangalore and can be covered in 2-3 hours if you travel non-stop. We decided to spend just one night in Mysore and cover as many tourist attractions as possible. Though we had been to Mysore several times, we wanted to take my daughter out and give her an… 

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Top 7 Things To Do In Bangalore

Top 7 things to do in Bangalore

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. In this IT capital, people are very busy on weekdays with different projects.  They feel equally bored on weekends and want to do things which make them relax. This post is meant for people living in Bangalore, or people who plan to visit Bangalore. You can also avail… 

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Things to Do In Goa

Travel In Goa

Today’s post is focused on my love – the sun-and-sand state of Goa. Yes! This post was pending since a long time. You all know that I am born and brought up in Goa. I love Goa for a number of reasons. Firstly because it’s my birth place and secondly because my parents and entire… 

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The Nescafe Plan – Beyond The Cup

The Nescafe PLan

In India and around the world, most of the people wake up to the aroma of coffee. When we sip a cup of coffee we always think about how our day will go and what we must accomplish throughout the day. I always have a cup of Nescafe every evening after returning home from office…. 

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Shopping At Local Bangalore Markets

Shopping at local Bangalore markets

Being a food blogger, I love to buy grocery. I pick the grocery every week and fill my kitchen pantry. But apart from buying grocery in malls and doing online shopping, I love to hand pick some of the organic and exotic produce from the local markets. I believe that the street vendors have some… 

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Johnson Market, Bangalore – A Heaven For Street Food Lovers

Whenever I visit places, I love to discover the local food. I have been to some famous domestic and International destinations on vacations and have always tried to discover the local food. Ever since I settled in Bangalore, I was always on a discovery of local eateries and Bangalore street food. My husband’s friend introduced… 

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A Special Trip For A Special One – Trip To Ooty

Trip to Ooty

Since a long time I wanted to take my child out on a vacation where she can enjoy to the fullest. It was 14th Nov, Children’s day. We started early morning at 5 Am with our car, from Bangalore for Ooty. The drive was a pleasant one. My little one had a wonderful time spotting… 

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