Ambadyachi Uddamethi / Goan Hog Plum Curry

Ambadyachi Uddamethi

Ambadyachi Uddamethi or Goan Hog Plum Curry is a post which I intended to post during the shravan of 2016. But it got delayed due to some unexplainable reasons. I wanted to post this recipe in shravan month of 2017, but again it got postponed due to my travel and office work. Let me not… 

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Ambadyache Raite | Hog Plum Raita Or Chutney

Ambadyache Raite or Hog-Plum Raita is a traditional Goan dish that we make especially during Diwali. I learnt this dish from my mom-in-law. She makes this every year for Diwali breakfast. This year she gave me some hog-plums to carry to Bangalore and I thought that this is the best opportunity to prepare the traditional… 

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