Green Beans Stir Fry | Val Papdi Bhaji

Green Beans Stir Fry, Val papdi Bhaji

Today’s recipe Green Beans Stir Fry is a simple and easy recipe. Made from French beans, it is rich in iron. This recipe is popular in Goa and is known as Val papdi Bhaji in Konkani. Some people also call it as papdi bhaji. Valpapdi or Green beans are very good source of iron which… 

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Ambadyachi Uddamethi / Goan Hog Plum Curry

Ambadyachi Uddamethi

Ambadyachi Uddamethi or Goan Hog Plum Curry is a post which I intended to post during the shravan of 2016. But it got delayed due to some unexplainable reasons. I wanted to post this recipe in shravan month of 2017, but again it got postponed due to my travel and office work. Let me not… 

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Oats Idli & A Review Of TTK Prestige Multi-Kadai

Oats Idli

Today’s recipe is oats idli which I made using a TTK Prestige Multi-Kadai. Yes! You heard it right. Ever since I collaborated with TTK Prestige, I am one of the first ones to try my hands on the latest innovative products from TTK Prestige which enter the Indian markets. You all know the brand Prestige… 

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Kelphulachi Bhaji (Banana Blossom Stir Fry)

Kelphulachi Bhaji

Kelphulachi bhaji also known as bonyechi bhaji is a traditional Goan delicacy. Banana blossom is known as Kelphul in Goan Konkani. This recipe is very simple to cook, but the process of cleaning the banana blossom is tedious. You need to have lot of time and patience to clean the banana blossom. I learnt to… 

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Upma Made Using Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker

Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker

My latest love in the kitchen is this brand new Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker Touch. You might be wondering why I love it so much, right? Yes! There is not one, but multiple reasons for my love towards it. The more I use it, the more I am falling in love with it. It is… 

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The Launch Of 4 New Regional Flavours Of Maggi Noodles – Masalas Of India & Ramen Jhaal Burger Recipe

Maggi Noodles

How many people here love Maggi? I personally love Maggi and it was the first dish I ever cooked. Yes! Believe me. Cooking Maggi noodles during the evening hunger time was a small break for me from my studies during my school days. Today after many years… I still love Maggi and my daughter too…. 

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Beet Greens Stir Fry | Beetroot Leaves Subzi

Beetroot Greens

Today’s recipe is beet greens stir fry or subzi. Yes! You read it right stir fry made with beetroot leaves. There is a story behind how I came across these leaves and how I cooked with them. It was by chance that I came across these leaves in the grocery store. Almost everyone was discarding… 

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