Sweet Potato Kheer | Kangachi Kheer

Sweet Potato Kheer

Sweet potato kheer or Kangachi kheer is another traditional kheer or pudding prepared in Goa. Sweet potatoes are found in abundance in this season in Goa and rest of India. In Goa sweet potatoes are known as “kanga” in Konkani. Sweet potatoes are used in making different types of dishes like kheer mentioned in this… 

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Kangachi Nevri / Sweet Potato Dumpling

Kangachi Nevri

It was a really funny incident how I landed up making these sweet potato Nevri’s. My mom-in-law had got these “special variety” of sweet potato. These have a bitter taste. In Konkani we know them as “Kaate Kanga”. Just to translate ” Bitter sweet potato’s”. I was wondering what to do with these. On the… 

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