Goan Banana Yellape | Appe | Paniyaram Recipe And A Review Of Tupperware Speedy Chef

Goan Banana Yellape

Today’s recipe is a sweet dish known as Goan Banana Yellape. This is also known as appe or paniyaram in South India. These Yellapes are made with mashed banana and rava or semolina. This is another specialty from Goa. I learnt this dish from my mother in law who is currently in Bangalore to stay… 

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Stuffed Jackfruit | Jackfruit Recipes

Today’s dish is a totally new innovation. This dish is another successful attempt at allowing my pillar of strength “my hubby” in the kitchen. From innovating software products and getting multiple US Patents on his innovations, he is helping me create yummy recipes in my kitchen now. Some of his cooking innovations include the yummy… 

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Prawn Cutlets | Sungtache Dangaer

Prawn Cutlets

Prawn cutlets or Sungatache Dangaer is another popular Goan dish. We make these with any type of shell fish like prawns, clams, mussels, etc. It is a delicacy in Goa and is usually served with rice and prawns curry. It can be served as an evening snack too and some people like to have it… 

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Rava Fried Plantain | Kelyachyo Fodi | Pan Fried Raw Banana

In Goa, we make different types of “fodi” or rava fried vegetables. These are a perfect replacement to fish on our veg days, like Mondays and Thursdays. The rava friend plantain recipe shared here today is a traditional Konkani recipe and I am sure every Goan makes these. Apart from this, you can also make… 

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Mackerel Recheado – Stuffed Mackerels | Goan Recipe

Mackerel Recheado

After Grilled Recheado Prawns, it is Mackerel Recheado. This is another authentic Goan dish and is a favorite at home. If you are in Goa, do not miss eating this dish in restaurants. It is just awesome and delicious. Believe me. I just love this dish since childhood. I never eat mackerel simply by rava… 

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Fried Breadfruit | Breadfruit Rava Fry | Neerpanas Fodi | Jeevkadgi Fodi

Breadfruit Rava Fry

Come the summer season and you will see various types of recipes being prepared using the seasonal summer produce. Breadfruit is one such vegetable that you will see on trees in this summer season. Some people don’t know how to prepare this tasty vegetable. I don’t know whether it is fruit or vegetable, but I’ll… 

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LadyFish Fish Fry | Silver Whitting Fish Fry | Muddoshi Rava Fry | Fish Fry | Goan Recipes

Lady fish rava fry

Muddoshi or LadyFish is a fresh water fish and is extremely tasty. It is easy to clean this fish. It is very delicate and it’s meat is whitish in colour. Apart from making muddoshi fish curry/hooman with this, you can also fry this fish with rava. I prefer rava fried fish as it is simple… 

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Watermelon Rind Cake To #CreateFearlessly

Watermelon rind cake

Today I ventured upon a totally new and innovative experiment in my kitchen as a part of #CreateFearlessly activity by Blogadda. I badly wanted to bake a cake with my new Hamilton Beach India Large Oven at the same time I wanted the dish to be unique. I had a big watermelon lying on my… 

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Rava Fried Ridge Gourd | Ghosalem Fodi | Goan Recipes | Luffa | Turai | Semolina | Goan Recipes

Rava Fried Ridge Gourd

Rava Fried Ridge Gourd is very simple to prepare. It turns delicious and since ridge gourd is high in water content, you can feel it when you bite into the juicy ridge gourd. It tastes slightly sweet and juicy but since you coat it with rava and spices it just turns mouth-watering. Kids too love… 

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Fried Crabs | Rava Fried Crabs | Crab Fry | Goan Recipes

Fried Crabs

During my recent vacation in Goa, my only motive was to try a lot of dishes with fish. Right from Surmai/King Fish to Sardines and Mackerels to Prawns and Crabs, I ate almost all the types of fish and really had a feast. My Mom taught me some more dishes with fish. They will be… 

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Rava Fried Ladyfingers | Bhendi Rava Fry | Bhendi Fodi | Goan Dishes

Rava Fried Ladyfingers

A daily and easy snack that can be prepared are these Rava Fried Ladyfingers. They turn crispy and yumm. I normally make these as an accompaniment with rice and veg. curries. I have always seen people eating ladyfingers deep fried in batter and oil. The recipe mentioned in today’s blog post is healthier as it… 

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Anchovy Fish Fry | Velli Fish Fry

Anchovy Fry

Since the time I came to Bangalore, I don’t get to eat much fish. One main reason is we don’t get fresh fish in Bangalore and the varieties of sea fish that we get here is too less. During my last trip to Goa in December, I only savoured on small fish and I actually… 

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Stuffed Mackerel | Bharillo Bangdo – Step-By-Step with Pictures

Goan Stuffed Mackerel

One fine day my hubby got Mackerel’s from market. I re-tried the stuffed Mackerel recipe. This time I modified it slightly and my hubby really loved it. This is my signature recipe. It was a real hit in Raksha’s Kitchen. It turned much more better then the last time I made it. So on the… 

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Rawa Fried Fish Roe | Fish Roe Recipes

Fried Fish Roe

Today being a Sunday I had to prepare something special. Yesterday I cooked stuffed Mackerel and it turned delicious. So my hubby went to fish market and got some more fresh Mackerel’s and told me to make it again. He just loved them. I will post the step-by-step pictures of Stuffed Mackerel recipe again. But… 

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Rawa Fried Broccoli And CupoNation.in

CupoNation.in is India’s largest and leading coupon portal. For people who don’t have time to go shop to shop in search of discounts and deals on a product of their choice, CupoNation.in helps them to save time and speeds their shopping by providing them with a lot of deals and discounts vouchers. They have more… 

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Goan Special – Rawa Fried Drumsticks/Sangachyo Fodi

Sangachyo Fodi

This is another yummy dish which we GSB’s make in Goa. Drumsticks are very good for health. They are an excellent source of calcium, iron and vitamins. I have learnt a lot of traditional dishes from my mom. My dad being a pure vegetarian, my mom cooks different varieties of vegetarian food for him. In… 

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Goan Special – Brinjal Rava Fry / Eggplant Rava Fry

Brinjal Rava Fry

In the month of March 2013, you all hardly saw any recipes in Raksha’s Kitchen. I was getting a lot of comments why I am writing for an alchohol brand and that I should discontinue writing for it. But I did not loose my spirits. Yes, I was writing as I was asked to write… 

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How to turn Bitter Gourd Haters to Bitter Gourd Lovers

As I wrote in my blog posts earlier, I learnt cooking from my Hubby and my Mommy. My hubby taught me the ABC’s of cooking and then I started ruling the kitchen with all my different experiments. Since the day I started my blog, I wanted my hubby to write a post for my blog…. 

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Forest Bitter Gourd Fry / Phaglachyo Fodi

Phaglachyo Fodi

I was always a fussy eater in my childhood. I don’t know how many of the yummy things I have missed in my life due to this fussiness. One such thing would have been “Phaglacho Fodi”. “Phagla” are known as Forest Bitter Gourd and is available in More Megastore during this monsoon season. I will… 

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Rawa Fried Black Pomfret

Rawa Fried Black Pomfret

Rawa Fried Black Pomfret reminds me of the times when I was a kid. I used to hate pomfret like anything. I hardly used to eat it. Soon after my marriage I started eating white pomfret. I started liking it. One fine day hubby dear got some black pomfret and asked me to cook. I… 

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Instant Rawa Idlis

instant rawa idli

We used to always have Rawa Idlis at Adigas. Adigas at Bangalore is the only place where I love to have South Indian Food. If you happen to go there, you will hardly get a place to sit. One fine day I was so tired and I wanted to try something easy. Checked my fridge… 

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