Top 7 Things To Do In Bangalore

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. In this IT capital, people are very busy on weekdays with different projects.  They feel equally bored on weekends and want to do things which make them relax. This post is meant for people living in Bangalore, or people who plan to visit Bangalore. You can also avail lots of discounts on some of the activities that you choose to do in Bangalore. Just install Littleapp, select Bangalore as your city and check the top things that you can do in Bangalore.

Apart from shopping at malls and watching the latest movie at a multiplex, you can enjoy time with friends or family. Following are the top 7 things that you can do in Bangalore:

1) Entertain yourself at Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City is an hour’s drive from Bangalore city. It offers entertainment for all age groups – young and old. This place has a unique tour for its visitors and has attractions like Aqua Kingdom, Cartoon City, Dino Park, Mini Golf, Mirror Maze and a scary house too. It also has a food court serving food from multiple cuisines.


2) Enjoy thrilling rides

Fun World Resorts India Pvt Ltd. is an amusement park located in Bangalore where you can have a day of fun and adventure. You can enjoy several roller coaster rides, giant wheels, columbuses and chill out in a wave pool. There are several water games to enjoy too. There is a bowling alley with twelve lanes and lot of eateries serving different types of cuisines.


3) Chill out at snow city

Snow City is an ice and snow themed indoor park located in Bangalore. You can experience snow here not only in winter, but also in summer. It is open all 365 days of the year. This is an ideal place for the kids to enjoy.


4) Play adventure games

You can play some adventure games along with your team or friends at Escape room or Mystery Rooms where you will be locked inside a room and you need to escape by finding various clues hidden in the room.


5) Relax in a resort:

There are many resorts in and around Bangalore. When you feel that the weekend is getting too boring, just head out to Ramanashree California Resort. You can enjoy your day at the resort by doing various activities like playing badminton or swimming while enjoying delicious food at the resort.


6) Get a speed thrill

Enjoy a speed thrill with your friends at Raceway Motorsports.  There won’t be any traffic to block you, just speed as you wish on the go kart track. You can have an awesome experience here.


7) Rejuvenate at a wellness center

At Quantum wellness center you can take various health packages, relax and rejuvenate. There are lots of health packages like full body detox, foot detox, tension release exercise, etc. which are necessary for today’s lifestyle. You can even paint a portrait or make terracotta jewellery. Lunch is available with the packages.


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