Mango Halwa | Preservative Free Home-Made Mango Jam

This Mano Halwa or Preservative Free Home-Made Mango Jam recipe was first published on 31 Jul 2014. Though I have been making mango halwa every season, I got a chance to re-click this recipe today. I have updated the post with new pictures. Not changing the content in intro part below 🙂
I am a little too late in posting this recipe. The mango season is almost over. But fine, atleast I am posting it before they completely vanish from the market 🙂 This mango jam recipe was on my mind since last 4 years, but was never able to make it as my mom used to make and send it to my home.
 Mango Halwa

“Mango Halwa” is a dish which is prepared in almost every home in Goa during the Mango season. Every year my mom used to send this jam to my home and we used to relish it. This is what we loved to eat with chapatis during breakfast since childhood. Sometimes we used to make sandwich with home-made Mango jam and it would also go in our snack box. Recently, my Mom told me that she cannot make it any more due to her old age. More than me, my hubby felt bad as he loves this Mango halwa.

I called my Mom and over the phone and my Mom gave me instructions to make this jam. My hubby said that it won’t be good as it’s difficult. I thought I should give it a try. The recipe was very simple to follow,easy to prepare and the outcome was DELICIOUS!!!
Mango Jam
This home-made Mango Jam stays fresh for several days. Just keep it in refrigerator. You can spoon it out everyday but make sure not to insert your fingers into this. It might get spoiled due to the bacteria transferred from our hands to the Jam jar. My little one now has Mango Jam with her chapati every day. I feel happy that atleast for some days she will eat this home-made jam which is free of preservatives. You can also try this preservative free strawberry jam.
.. and before I forget… My hubby brought kilos of Mangoes and asked me to make this jam 🙂
Ingredients:                                     Quantity: Makes 250 gms of mango jam
5 big ripe mangoes preferably “Goan Musarad mango”
8-10 tablespoon powdered sugar


Wash the mangoes. Discard the peel and seed. Puree the mangoes, either by hand or add chopped mango pieces in a mixer.
Heat a wok or deep bottomed utensil.
Pour the mango pulp in it. Keep the flame low and stir occasionally.
After sometime you will notice that the pulp starts thickening.
Add powdered sugar and keep stirring for 10-15 more minutes.
You will notice that the pulp starts sticking to the vessel. That is the point when the jam is ready.


Mango Jam
Note: Remember to keep the gas on low flame.
You may increase/decrease the quantity of sugar depending on the sweetness of mangoes.
After adding sugar keep in stirring to avoid sticking to the base.
Mango Jam

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