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How many of you are foodies and travel freaks? What do you do when you plan to visit a different city? Do you list out the various activities that you will be doing? Do you also plan to taste the best food from that place and plan to do a few activities? You go around asking people on Facebook and social media to suggest best places to dine? If your answer is YES, than you should check this website where you can find few amazing deals and some interesting stuff. Read on to know more. can be accessed from laptop by a browser or from an Android or ios smartphone. You can select your city by clicking on “Your City” at the top of the website. I selected Bangalore here. This location feature detects your current location and suggests the deal as per your current location. If you have a particular restaurant in mind, you can simply enter the name in search bar at the top of the page and click enter or select from “popular search” or “popular localities” which drops down when you click on the search bar. I found some biryani deals interesting on the search bar and clicked on it. I was surprised by the number of restaurants offering delicious deals on biryani. The Promo code is mentioned on the right hand side of the website. You can buy this deal by clicking on it.

Let us now see various tabs on the website. There are 6 tabs on the homepage where different types of deals can be found.

Fab Deals – Fab Deals is a place on the website where the fabulous deals from all the categories like food, travel and spas can be found in one place.

Food & Drinks – On this page you can find the best deals on food & drinks in the selected city. On the left hand side there is a listing of localities, cuisines, food types, price, time of day, restaurant type, day of week, dine-in/delivery/takeaway which you can apply to select the type of food you need from a particular restaurant and at a particular time of the day. When you click on a particular deal in restaurants in Bangalore, you can also see the restaurant’s name and address. You might be wondering how to redeem the deals? Once you reach a restaurant, present the voucher code to the merchant. This voucher code is available in My Orders. You should present this at the restaurant prior to taking orders.


Spas & Salons – You can find exciting deals and discounts on various spa and salon services by clicking on this tab. Again you can select deals by localities, price, type of service, etc. So whenever you feel like de-stressing yourself, you can visit a spa and utilize their services after applying nice discounts on them.

Cafeteria – In this tab you can find deals on food and dining in various cafeterias in malls. This feature is a bit unique of this website.

Things To Do – Click this tab to know various adventurous activities that you can do in a city. You can also find various deals on these adventurous activities. For e.g. If you plan to take your kids out, you can go to snow city or Fun world and avail attractive deals on the entry tickets. If you plan to go out with friends, you can visit Smaaash or PVR Bluo and play bowling and avail discounts on food and games.

Hotels – This tab is like a search feature where you can enter hotel name, city or locality where you intend to stay at/halt during your trip. I loved this feature and is a plus when we visit places. You can get attractive discounts on hotel bookings for current day and next 2 days.  You can select hotels based on ratings, occupancy and availability of breakfast.

When you scroll at the bottom of the website, you can search for restaurant and spa deals in that city in one go by clicking on the labels.

How to use the website?

Click on Login button and enter your mobile number. You will get an OTP, post which the verification will be successful.  You can click on deal of your choice and buy it from the website for various hotel bookings.

This website can be used in various cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Amritsar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Delhi.

Did you know that you can also book holiday packages at attractive discounts from this website? I was surprised when I saw this. So next time when you plan your trip to Tirupati or Goa, you can purchase a package and by entering a promo code at checkout you can avail attractive discount.  The holiday packages are classified into different categories like Go Goa, Amazing hill station, Blissful beaches, incredible wildlife, and Enchanting cities, sacredly religious and serene backwaters. Click on the link and explore more.

If you want to know various deals than this is the best place to find a few. Don’t forget to click subscribe to get various deals delivered in your mailbox. I have bookmarked this website and will be using this to avail attractive deals and discounts on food and travel. I hope you too will love it.

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