Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml. Product Review

Sometime in August 2016 Vaya brand launched in Bangalore with great joy and excitement. I was invited to be a part of the brand launch event. You can check my blog post to know in detail how brilliantly the event was organised. I was also gifted a 1000 ml Vaya Tyffyn. My daughter’s eyes were set on it. But it was too heavy for a 7 year old child to carry to school every day along with that heavy school bag. So my hubby grabbed the Vaya Tyffyn and flaunted it in style in his office. He really wants hot food and he does not have time to microwave food. The Vaya Tyffyn was apt for him. Every other day he came back saying that every other person’s eyes were glued to his tyffyn. Some even came to his desk and asked him about this unique and stylish tyffyn. I was happy that my hubby got to take hot and delicious food to office. But what about my daughter?

vaya tyffyn 600 ml

Just few weeks back I got an email from Vaya saying that they have launched a new product – a smaller 600 ml Tyffyn specially meant for kids. They even sent one for a review. In my previous review I mentioned that the 1000 ml Tyffyn was not meant for small kids as it was heavy and the lids were difficult to open.  The brand took my review comments seriously and worked to further improve the product. This itself impressed me. They listen to users.

You all know the health hazards of cheap quality plastics. Though they look good and are easier to carry around, they are harmful for health. The food which is kept in these cheap plastic containers tend to absorb the harmful chemicals from the plastics. When we eat the food, all those harmful chemicals from the plastic containers go inside our body and create more health issues.

Nowadays I have seen people carrying food in glass tiffins. But these need to be handled in a very delicate manner as they are fragile. You cannot afford even a single from your hands. These glass lunch boxes are a big NO NO to the kids and not at all safe for the little ones who are always in a hurry.

But now, Vaya heard my prayers and came up with revolutionary smaller tyffyns meant especially for kids. You can pack snacks or light lunch in this tyffyn.

vaya tyffyn 600 ml


  • The new Vaya Tyffyn comes in a simple yet stylish environment friendly cardbox box. Inside the box there are two 300 ml containers and 2 partitions for these containers. The height of the new Vaya Tyffyn is 13 cms.
  • The tyffyn outer shell is made up of stainless steel with copper lining. The inner containers are made up of copper finished stainless steel. The lid base, lids, partitions and handle are made of the highest quality plastic which is FDA approved and BPA free.

  • This smaller Vaya Tyffyn also comes in 3 variants namely Graphite, Wool and Maple.
  • The 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn is a two container vacuum-insulated lunch box which keeps food warm for up to 4-5 hours.

vaya tyffyn 600 ml

  • The tyffyn is 30% thinner and lighter as compared to the 1000 ml Vaya Tyffyn. Check the below picture to see the difference in size between the two tyffyns.

vaya tyffyn 600 ml

  • The Vaya Tyffyn is leak resistant and is made with highest quality materials and finishes. The Outer shell and inner containers are made of stainless steel. The latches are also made of stainless steel.
  • The new Vaya Tyffyn comes with two partitions as accessories. Simply fix the partitions, whenever you want to carry more varieties. The partitions enable you to carry upto 4 different varieties of smaller quantities. The curries don’t leak from one partition to another.

I mentioned in my previous post that the lids of the tyffyn are not suitable for smaller kids. Vaya took this comment seriously and worked towards improving the lids. The lids of the new Vaya Tyffyn are designed in such a way, that even a smaller kid will be able to open it. My 7 year old was able to open the tyffyn without any problem.

vaya tyffyn 600 ml

You can spread the containers on the bag mat and eat food in style. The bag mat is not a part of the Vaya Tyffyn and has to be purchased separately. Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml provides extra space in the BagMat that lets you carry your water or yogurt bottle and even some whole fruits!

The Vaya Tyffyn is easy to clean. If you have been using plastic tiffins, you might have observed that after few uses, the containers get stained with food color. Yes! Indian food is made up of spices and oil which tends to stain plastic. Sometimes even after multiple washes the food color and odor remains inside the plastic containers. The Vaya Tyffyns are made of stainless steel and hence you can use it just like new after every wash. There will be no stains and no food odor too.

Some observations about the Vaya Tyffyn:

  • The 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn keeps food for upto 4-5 hours due to the VaccuTherm technology.
  • With the smaller Vaya Tyffyn you can carry upto 4 different varieties of food, but of smaller quantity by using the partitions which are provided as accessories.

vaya tyffyn 600 ml

  • This Vaya Tyffyn also comes with double shot container lids which help in preventing leakages inside the container.
  • Food remains fresh for hours.
  • The new Vaya Tyffyn is smaller and lighter as compared to the previous 1000 ml one. The new Vaya Tyffyn is 800 gms.
  • The lids of the containers are now designed in such a way that even a small kid can easily slide his/her finger in the half moon groove on the lid and pop it open.

vaya tyffyn 600 ml

  • Easy to clean. Since it is made up of copper and stainless steel, there are no marks of stains and food smell after washing as opposed to plastic. Cannot use in dishwasher.
  • Value for money. Invest in one Vaya Tyffyn and use it for 1 or 2 years or more instead of buying cheap plastic/glass tyffyns every 3-4 months.
  • Tyffyn is packed in simple environment friendly cardbox box.
  • The bag mat plays an important role in keeping the food hot along with the tyffyn. Purchase it separately.
  • This is Vaya Tyffyn and not just any other lunchbox. Food either stays hot or cold as you like it due to the most advanced state of art technology.
  • You cannot carry both hot and cold food at the same time using Vaya Tyffyn. It can either carry hot or cold food at one time. By hot foods I mean dals, rice, kebabs, chapatis, curries and by cold foods I mean salads, yogurt, sushi, custard, deviled eggs, etc.

  • You cannot place the Vaya tyffyn in microwave. Also there will be need to place it in microwave as the food will be hot when you open it.
  • You cannot cook or re-heat food using the inner containers. They are meant to carry food around and not meant for cooking or re-heating.
  • The product is only available on the Vaya Website and not at any retail store. You can place your orders at

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml

The Vaya Tyffyn comes with a 1 year warranty. The 600 ml Vaya tyffyn is sold at Rs.1990/- and is total value for money.

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