Italian Modular Kitchens By Stosa Cucine – Store Launch In Bangalore

On 14th Jan 2017, I was invited for the launch of Stosa Cucine which is a luxury Italian modular kitchen store in Jayanagar, Bangalore. I had heard about Stosa Italian modular kitchens and since I plan to upgrade my kitchen, I decided to attend this event. Stosa was launched in India in 2009 and is present in Mumbai, Jaipur, Indore, Delhi, Hyderabad and other parts of the world. This store in Jaynagar is the first one in South India.

Stosa Cucine

Kitchen is the heart of our house. It is the place where we spend the maximum time. We create delicious dishes. Even our kids and family members rush to kitchen whenever they want something to eat. Sometimes the kitchens in apartments are small. But if we have a modular kitchen we can save space by using modules of kitchen cabinets and making a proper use of space. These kitchens can be customized as per the customer’s choice and kitchen size. You can get plenty of storage and space to move around. For the long run, these kitchens are the most cost effective.

Italian Modular Kitchens By Stosa Cucine

Stosa Cucine is all about revolutionizing kitchen lifestyle with innovative designs, trends, fittings, materials & finishes, accessories & appliances and techniques. The company hails from a 50 year old legacy. Stosa Cucine symbolizes quintessential Italian design sensibilities. Most of the celebrities and builders now opt for Stosa Cucine modular kitchens.

Italian Modular Kitchens By Stosa Cucine

Stosa Cucine has partnered with Mirius Interni  and Good Homes Magazine to advance the liveliest area of the house. Re-inventing kitchens capes in the country with an evolved sensibility and an aesthetic flair, the company offers a gamut of modern, contemporary and classic modular kitchen designs from the iconic maker. Mirius Interni renders a holistic service that amalgamates modular kitchen designs with complete kitchen solutions. The company aims at providing native dwellers a selection of outstanding quality products exclusively made in Italy.

The event started with a ribbon cutting ceremony which was followed by the traditional lamp lighting by L-R: Mitesh Gulecha, Nikhil Gulecha (Director Mirius Interni), Leonardo Sani (Export Sales Director Stosa Cucine), Ashita Parmar (COO Mirius Interni), Nikhil Chopra (Director Mirius Interni), Francesco Polzonetti (Export Sales Manager Stosa Cucine) and Apurva Nahata (Director Mirius Interni).

Stosa Cucine

Mirius Interni imports the 100% modular kitchens from Italy after a customer places an order. These modular kitchens cost starts from INR 3.5 lakhs and goes up to INR 40 lakhs. The color, number of cabinets, fittings, style… everything can be customized.


The modular kitchens at Stosa Cucine can be divided into 3 categories – Modern Kitchens, Contemporary Kitchens and Classic Kitchens. The product catalog has wide variety of designs to choose from.


Stosa Cucine provides quality modern kitchens providing the best from Italian design taste for beauty and innovation.

Italian Modular Kitchens By Stosa Cucine

Some of the products from Stosa Cucine:

  • Stosa Cucine – Infinity Diagonal

Infinity Diagonal owes its name to its groove handle which outlines a diagonal shape in the socket. This innovative design comes in two new finishing versions. A unique design created from the crafty blend of materials and attention to details of the new Stosa Kitchens.

  • Stosa Cucine – Maya

Maya goes for a new look with more colors, new finishes and never before seen pairings to create a variety of styles. Maya is a kitchen with a multifaceted personality, never repetitive and ready to adapt to contemporary lifestyles. Wood, bold tones and neutral colors, geometrical and soft shapes; Maya kitchens are for any taste.

  • Stosa Cucine – Aleve

Stosa Cucine

Kitchen concept with a strong personality offering plethora of choices with features like doors with or without handles, surprising finishes and materials etc. that cater to customized needs of the buyer.

Italian Modular Kitchens By Stosa Cucine

I loved each and every kitchen, but this one was my personal favorite and I am planning to upgrade my soon.

Italian Modular Kitchens By Stosa Cucine

We were also served with delicious Italian food from Broadway hotel, Bangalore. I had a nice time at the event. Met some old friends and made some new friends too.

Kitchen is something that deserves most attention when we plan to buy or build a house. It is a one-time investment and these kitchens at Stosa comes with lifetime warranty.  These can be customized to suit Indian cooking and lifestyle too.

Do visit the Stosa Cucine Store at Jayanagar and have a look at these beautiful modular kitchens. I am sure you will fall in love with them.

Address: Mirius Interni, #770, 10th Main, Jayanagar, 4th Block, Bengaluru – 560011, Karnataka

Website: Stosa Cucine 

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