Green Moong And Vegetable Idlis

Green Moong And Vegetable Idlis are a perfect way to have healthy breakfast needed to kick start our day. Since these idlis are made with moong or green gram instead of rice, they are ideal for diabetic people. Green gram are high in protein and are packed with vitamins and minerals. I have also added grated carrot and dill leaves to this recipe which are high in vitamin A and vitamin C.
Green Moong and vegetable idli
I made these healthy and flavoursome Green Moong And Vegetable Idlis for my parents who visited me last weekend. They just loved them. My daughter too ate them. These idlis taste the best when eaten steaming piping hot, right from the steamer. You can serve these idlis with pudina chutney.
Green Moong and vegetable idli
Make these and pack them in tiffins too so that your family can eat healthy food instead of the junk and unhygienic office canteen food. Since the idlis don’t have rice, you can make them on fasting days too.
Ingredients:                               Prep. Time: 7 hours, Makes: 24-30 idlis
1 cup whole moong/green gram
¼ cup urad dal (split black gram dal)
¼ teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi seeds)
½ cup grated carrot
¼ cup capsicum, finely chopped
¼ cup dill leaves, finely chopped
4 tablespoon coriander leaves, finely chopped
½ inch ginger, peeled and chopped
4 green chillies
Salt to taste


1) To prepare the green moong and vegetable idli, first wash the moong dal and soak in 4 cups water for 2 hours.
2) Wash urad dal and fenugreek seeds and soak them in sufficient water for 2 hours.
3) After 2 hours, drain and grind them separately by adding little water.
4) After grinding, mix both moong dal and urad dal mixture together using a spatula.
5) Cover and let it ferment overnight or for 6 hours.
6) After 6 hours, add grated carrot, chopped capsicum and dill leaves and mix well. Add water if needed keeping in mind that the mixture should be thick like idli batter.
7) Grind coriander, ginger and green chillies by adding 2 tablespoon water to make a thick paste.
8) Mix this coriander paste into the prepared idli batter.
9) Add salt and mix well.
10) The green moong and vegetable idli batter is ready. Let us now make the healthy idlis.
11) Grease the idli moulds with oil or ghee and pour some the prepared batter into it.
12) Steam the idlis in an idli steamer and steam for 20 Minutes.
13) After 20 Minutes, switch off the gas and let them be in the steamer for 5 more minutes.
14) Open the idli steamer and de-mould the idlis.

Serve hot with chutney or sambar.

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Green Moong and vegetable idli

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