Vaya Brand Launch And Vaya Tyffyn Product Review

You all have seen that I cook various types of recipes. You also know that I cook food early in the morning and pack in our lunch boxes which we carry to office and little one carries to school. But one problem which I face and I am sure which many people face is that the food gets cold by the time it is time for lunch. This might be the problem faced by majority of people reading this. Apart from food getting cold and food getting leaked, you also sometimes feel embarrassed to carry the bulky lunch boxes.

I tried all types of options. When I started packing lunch for my family initially, I packed food in steel dabbas. I used those big traditional steel dabbas stacked one above the other. Oh, I always faced the problem of curries leaking from the sides of these containers. The dal would leak and settle at the bottom of the bag/box which was used to carry the dabba.

I was so frustrated with steel lunch box, that I discarded them and started using attractive branded plastic tiffin containers with leak proof lids. Everything was fine till one day. I read an article that plastic is harmful for health. I used to cook food and pack hot steaming food in those plastic containers without understanding the side effects.

Just then I got an invite from Vaya India that they are launching premium lunchboxes and would want me to attend the event. I was eager to see what those lunch boxes were. So I quickly agreed to attend the event. The event was held at ITC Gardenia on 19th August 2016.

The event started by a welcome talk by Lakshmi Rebecca who is the brand ambassador for the product. After a warm welcome message, there were some dance performances and a standup comedy show by Karthik Kumar who is also known as Evam Karthik. This was a real garam garam start for the product launch.

Soon after the performances, the CEO Mr. Vashist Vasanthakumar walked up the ramp with the lunch box on his shoulder. He then placed it on a table and opened the product. As soon as the product was unveiled, the entire audience went gaga over it. The lunch boxes are named as tyffyn.

The vacuum insulated boxes keep food very hot. They are made with steel and copper. High quality Copper is on the outside and good quality stainless steel on inside. These are then closed with plastic leak proof double shot lids. The latches are stainless steel too.

 There was also a panel discussion by Archana Doshi and Nisha Millet who shared their childhood lunchbox memories too. The first Vaya tyffyn was handed over to Archana Doshi and Nisha Millet by the CEO.
Soon after the product launch there was a gala dinner with cocktails. The launch event was grand well organized. At the end of the event few lucky people were gifted a Vaya tyffyn. I was one among those lucky people to get a Vaya tyffyn of my choice. I chose the wool variant, but I loved the maple too.
Here is my personal review of the Vaya tyffyn:

The Vaya Tyffyn comes in 3 variants graphite, wool and maple.

There is a stylist cover bag provided which can be unfolded to be a water proof table mat. There are 3 containers in the tyffyn, the lowest and the largest being 400 ml in capacity and the other 2 are of 300 ml in capacity. The tyffyn is slim and easily fits into the laptop bag too. So this solves the problem of you carrying those bulky lunchboxes.

The VacuTherm technology, incorporates correct amount of vacuum within its copper lined cover shell that helps in heat retention. Product keeps food hot for upto 6 hours of packing. So you can get hot food during lunch time. The tyffyn is packed in attractive box making it a wonderful gifting option too.

There is no way for the food to get leaked. The food remains hot and fresh. Eating food in these tyffyns is not only stylish but also leads you one step near to living a healthy life.

 Some points about Vaya Tyffyn:
1) VacuTherm technology lunchbox keeps food hot and fresh for 6 hours by incorporating correct amount of vacuum.

2) The cover shell is made of stainless steel and is lined with copper. It traps the rising heat and retains heat.

3) The tyffyns are specially designed for Indians where we carry full meals to office or college.
4) Chapattis remain soft like just prepared.
5) Double shot container lids help in preventing leakages of contents inside the container. This is the only place where plastic of very good quality has been used.
6) No need to stand and heat food in microwave, thus eliminating unwanted radiation effects.
7) 100% leak-proof. Dals and curries does not get leaked.
8) Place the tyffyn in a bag which looks like a stylist sling bag. Walk to your college/office in style.
9) The Vaya bag is designed in such a way that it retains heat. The tyffyn and bag play a role together.
10) The bag mat also comes with a cutlery holder.
11) Spread the bag mat and have your food in style. The food looks good too.
12) Makes a great gifting option.
13) Place it inside a laptop bag without fear of food getting leaked.
14) The Vaya tyffyn is bit heavier compared to plastic tiffins. That is because the outer shell is made of copper which retains heat.
15) Kids below class 4 would find the lids difficult to open. Also they will find the Vaya tyffyn heavy  to carry to school along with the heavy school bag.
I know that you all are now going gaga over it. My hubby told his team mates in his office about this revolutionary product and they all were impressed as the curries remained hot and I recommend you all to buy this Vaya tyffyn. It comes with a 1-year warranty and costs just Rs.2500/-
You can place your orders at
Update: Vaya Tyffyn is now available in smaller 600 ml sizes which are specially meant for kids.

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