Sweet Vermicelli Upma | Vermicelli Sheera

Today I made Sweet Vermicelli Upma or Vermicelli Sheera and surprised my hubby. Having chapatis and mango jam for breakfast everyday had turned boring. My kid still loves the mango jam that I did and love to give it to her as it’s homemade and healthy.  I made this healthy  sweet upma or sheera. My Mom taught me to make this dish. I used to cook vermicelli sheera using a different method which I had learnt from my Mom in law. But hubby liked the way my Mom made just because it consumed less fat(ghee/butter).
I forgot to add dry fruits like cashewnuts to this sweet dish, but adding those will make them healthier. Since I did not have green chilies, I added dry red chilies. But Mom makes it with green chilies so that they taste hot and sweet.
Just keep in mind not to cook vermicelli for too long in water. It should not be sticky, else the dish will not look good, will be soggy and will not be as expected. Add sugar as per your taste. For diabetic people, you may omit this step or add a healthy sugar substitute.

Ingredients:                                                Prep. Time: 20 Min’s, Serves: 4
1 packet 200 gms vermicelli
4 tablespoon fresh grated coconut
2 dry red chilies
4 cloves
10-15 dry grapes/raisins/khismiss
5 tablespoon sugar
Pinch of salt
4 crushed cardamom without peels
2 tbsp desi homemade ghee/clarified butter

Heat 1 litre water. When water is about to reach boiling point add vermicelli.
After boiling the vermicelli drain the water by using a strainer.
Run cold water through the cooked vermicelli on the strainer.
Spread vermicelli on a plate and keep aside.

Heat a kadai/wok, add ghee. Add raisins. Once raisins get puffed, add cloves,dry red chillies and crushed cardamom without the outer peel.
Add the cooked vermicelli from the plate and toss well.
Add grated coconut and toss again.
Add sugar and a pinch of salt and mix everything well.
Taste and add more sugar if needed.

Do not overcook vermicelli as it will make the sheera soggy.
You can add dry fruits like cashewnuts and almonds and make this sheera richer.
Running cold water through the cooked vermicelli is optional, but it helps to keep the vermicelli non-sticky.
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