Watermelon Rind Cake To #CreateFearlessly

Today I ventured upon a totally new and innovative experiment in my kitchen as a part of #CreateFearlessly activity by Blogadda. I badly wanted to bake a cake with my new Hamilton Beach India Large Oven at the same time I wanted the dish to be unique. I had a big watermelon lying on my table since one week. Somehow we did not eat it due to one or the other reason. I had heard from my hubby about my Mom In Law making a cake with watermelon rind. Yes, you heard it right… watermelon rind cake… and that too eggless and sugar-free!

Normally, we all discard the watermelon rind. But have you ever thought how healthy it is? The recipe mentioned in today’s post is completely healthy as it is sugarless. I have used jaggery instead of sugar and it is made with semolina/rava, so you can bake this cake anytime and pack it in your kid’s snack box. So next time before you discard the watermelon rind, remember that it is not waste, but real wealth and you can make wealth out of waste i.e. this yummy cake.
The Hamilton Beach hand blender did a lovely job of chopping the rind using the chopping bowl and the power stick blending wand agreed on the task of making puree of the rind. You can either use the entire rind along with the green part or you can just scrape away the green part and use the white part i.e. the portion between the red and green part of the watermelon. The advantage of using the entire watermelon rind is that it is nutritious, but it turns slightly bitter.
The Hamilton Beach Hand Blender gives a superior performance as it has a motor of 600 watts. Just one tool can do multiple jobs like blending, chopping, whipping, mixing and pureeing. The ergonomically designed stainless steel body and the rubberized spray finish makes it comfortable for daily use. There are 2 speeds with variable and turbo speed options. The accessories include power stick blending wand, whisk, chopping bowl with lid, mixing cup with lid and wall mount. Cleaning the blender is very easy as all the parts can be easily detached.
The Hamilton Beach Hand Blender with Chopping bowl,Whisk,Power stick blending wand, Mixing cup and Wall mount.
The large oven is also a darling as you saw in the previous post where I baked crispy crunchy biscuits. Apart from biscuits, I baked bread and some vegetables too. I also made bakes brinjal bruschetta and my family loved it. I used the chopping bowl of the hand blender to chop tomatoes and onions and used the oven to bake brinjals. I will share the recipe soon. I have started making a lot of healthy and innovative dishes now. Today I took this cake to my office and shared with my colleagues and friends. They just loved it and they were literally surprised when I told them that the cake was made up of watermelon rind. So check the recipe below on how to bake a cake with watermelon cake and you too can impress your guests and friends. Also check the Ripe Jackfruit cake recipe.
Check the video below for a demo about the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender.

Check this video on how to make a watermelon rind cake.

2 cups watermelon rind puree
1 cup freshly grated coconut
1/4 tsp. salt
1 cup rawa/semolina
1 cup grated jaggery/molasses
2 tsp cardamon powder
10 chopped cashewnuts
15 chopped almonds
10 raisins
1/2 tsp baking powder

For coating the baking pan:
1 tablespoon homemade ghee
1 tablespoon flour



1) Dry roast the rawa on low heat till it is light brown or till aroma wafts into the air. Keep it aside. Let it cool for atleast 20 Min’s.
2) To make the watermelon rind puree – cut the watermelon into pieces. Cut the red watermelon and keep it aside. We only need the white part from rind. First chop the white part using the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender. Then make puree using the Hand blender’s blending wand.
You can make puree of the entire rind too, but the cake will be slightly bitter. I tried in both the ways and result was delicious in both cases.
3) Mix all the other ingredients one by one. First add the roasted semolina to the watermelon rind puree. Then add grated coconut and jaggery. Add all the other ingredients except baking powder and mix well. Keep this aside for 30 Min’s. After 30 Min’s add baking powder and mix again.
4) Prepare the baking pan by coating it with homemade ghee and flour. Apply the ghee all over the pan and sprinkle flour on it. Spread it around. Pour the mixed cake batter in the prepared baking pan.
5) Pre-heat the oven in convection mode for 5 Min’s at 205 C. For this, first rotate the timer past 40 and then rotate and come to 5 Min’s again.
6) Keep the prepared baking pan with the cake mixture into the hot oven carefully and bake for 40 Min’s.

This post is part of the #CreateFearlessly activity in association with Hamilton Beach India and BlogAdda.
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  1. Sabrina says

    Can I also make this with regular flour instead of rawa? I have neither that nor semolina. Also, is brown sugar a substitute for jaggery ? I love the idea!

  2. S says

    I made this as written. The taste was not bad: a little undersweet. The cake did not really rise.

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