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In Goa, we get variety of sea fish and there are number of fish recipes.’Talle Sukke’ meaning sardines dry masala  is another recipe which my Mom taught me during my trip to Goa in October. It turns very good and has a tangy spicy taste. The tanginess comes from the kokum petals and tamarind that is added to this recipe. Many people don’t like the smell of sardines, so just clean them and apply salt. Keep them aside for 15 Min’s and then wash again. This ensures that the smell goes off.
Sardines have a number of health benefits. They promote hearth and bone health. They are rich in proteins and make the immune system strong. Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B-12 and are highly recommended for pregnant and lactating women.
I also had posted the Goan Sardines Fish Curry and Sardines Fish Fry. You already know that Raksha’s Kitchen is a place where you can find a number of recipes with fish. I will be coming up with more fish recipes soon. Stay tuned.
Ingredients:                                          Serves:4 Prep. Time: 20 Min’s
8-10 Sardines
5-6 tablespoon coconut grated
4 dry red chilies
1 marble sized ball of tamarind
2 green chilies
2 kokum petals
10-15 triphal/sichuan pepper/teffal
Turmeric powder

For Marinating:
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp salt

Wash and cut the heads of the sardines. If sardines are big, then cut them into 2 or 3 pieces, else leave them as it is. I used small sardines, so I left them as it is. Apply salt to the sardines and wash again after 10 Min’s.

Marinate the sardines with the masala mentioned above and keep aside for atleast 30 Min’s in a fridge.

Grind the grated coconut, red chilies and tamarind together by adding 1/2 cup water.
Grind to make a thick gravy. Consistency should be thicker than chutney.

Next, add the ground mixture, 2 slit green chilies and marinated sardines together in a kadai. Slightly crush the teffal seeds and add them to the gravy while cooking.
Add the kokum petals and cook this till sardines get cooked.
Check the salt and adjust accordingly.

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