Vegetable Biryani

On some lazy Sunday afternoon’s when I don’t feel like cooking the items meant for a complete meals thali, I end up cooking one pot meals. One such one pot meal that I prepared was this delicious Vegetable Biryani.  We never order vegetable biryani in restaurants and prefer only non-veg one. The vegetable biryani that cook at home is my hubby’s favorite.
Baby K also loved this. She had it for the first time. I never used to give spicy food to her as she was too small. But she liked the colorful rice and had some of this. You can add any type of vegetables of your choice. I don’t add too many veges to this biryani as I prefer it this way. I don’t like the addition of cauliflower and potato to biryani and this is the main reason why I don’t have vegetable biryani in restaurants.
I have been cooking this since long. But somehow did not put it here. Thought of sharing it now with you all. Do give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

2 big onions finely chopped
2 tomatoes finely chopped
2 tablespoon green peas(boiled)
1/2 carrot chop lengthwise
1/2 capsicum chop lengthwise
2-3 green chillies
1/4 cup finely chopped coriander leaves
10 cloves
1/2 inch cinnamon stick
1/4 tsp cumin seeds/Jeera
2 cardamon pods
1/2 tsp Fennel seeds / Saunf
1/4 star anise
7 peppercorns
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 bay leaves
4 red chilies
1/2 inch ginger
10 garlic flakes
1 1/2 cup Basmati/biryani rice
10 cashew nuts
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp pepper powder
Pinch of orange food color
Salt to taste

Wash the rice and keep aside for at least 30 Min’s. After 30 Min’s, boil the rice by adding bay leaves and 2 peppercorns. Add 1/2 tsp salt to the rice. Let it be par boiled or semi-boiled. Drain the water and spread the rice on a flat strainer and let it cool. Dry it under the fan. Add 1 tsp cinnamon powder and 1/2 tsp pepper powder to this.

Grind ginger,garlic and the other masalas to a fine paste.

In a kadai/wok, add 2 tablespoon oil and fry peppercorns, green chillies cut length wise and coriander leaves. Don’t burn the coriander leaves.
Add onion and fry till onion becomes pinkish. Add the tomatoes and cook till it turns mushy.
Add the ground masalas to the onion/tomato mixture in the kadai and mix properly.

Add the other vegetables and let them get cooked for 10-15 Min’s.
Grind the cashew nuts to a thin paste by adding 2 tablespoon water.
Add this cashew nut paste to the kadai and cook for 10 Min’s.
Add salt to taste. Switch off the gas.
To the rice which is getting dried on the strainer apply little bit of orange food color. Do not apply color to the whole rice. Just to 1/4 of the par-boiled rice. Mix the orange rice with the white rice.

In a deep bottom utensil, spread little oil. Now spread one layer of rice. On this spread one layer of the gravy. On this spread another layer of rice, then gravy and continue to do so alternately till the gravy is over. Keep in mind, the top layer should be rice.

Now the kadai will be empty as the contents are in another deep bottom utensil. So in the same kadai, deep fry half onion cut length wise till it becomes brown and crisp. In the same oil fry some dry grapes and cashew nuts.
Spread this on top of the rice.
Make 4 holes in the rice and put in 1 tsp butter in each hole. Cover with a lid.
Switch on the gas and let it be on low flame. Switch it off after 5 Min’s.


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