Punjabi Style Sweet And Sour Raw Mango Chutney

There is an old Punjabi couple who stays in my apartment. The uncle and aunt form a lovely couple. One fine day my Punjabi uncle and aunt went to their sister’s farmhouse and came back with kilos of raw mangoes. They distributed it to everyone in the apartment. Aunty being close to me taught me how to prepare this sweet and sour raw mango chutney. Only thing that I don’t like about Punjabi khana is that they use mustard oil in every dish they cook. Oh Yes! It is used in this Punjabi Style Sweet And Sour Raw Mango Chutney recipe too.
She told me to wash the raw mangoes and keep them clean. Next morning, I peeled and grated the raw mangoes and applied salt to them. This was them left to dry in the sun for 6 hours. When I went on the terrace to keep the grated raw mango for drying, I saw uncle mixing chopped mangoes to make pickle 🙂 I really felt good and felt like as it was my family.
My colleague Mr. S, wanted the recipe of this sweet and sour raw mango chutney. This was getting delayed due to my hectic work schedule. I regularly take this chutney in my tiffin to office and my lunch group loves it.   While having this Punjabi Style Sweet And Sour Raw Mango Chutney in office, my other colleague Mr. P actually went back to his childhood when he used to sneak into the kitchen to eat this chutney which his Mom used to make. I am really thankful to my Punjabi aunty for teaching me how to make this chutney. My hubby loves to eat this with phulkas everyday for breakfast too 🙂 Why don’t you try this? Don’t forget to share your experiences with me!

2 tablespoon mustard oil
2-3 tablespoon fenugreek/methi seeds
2 big sized raw mangoes
3 tablespoon turmeric powder
2 tablespoon red chilly powder
2 tablespoon black pepper powder
3-4 tablespoon fennel seeds/saunf
2 glass jaggery
1 glass sugar
4-5 tablespoon salt

Wash the raw mangoes and let them completely dry. Peel them and then grate them. After grating apply 3 tablespoon salt and turmeric powder to it. Let it dry in sun for 6 hours.

In a kadai, add mustard oil. Let it get heated till smoking point. Then cool it and reheat.
Then add the fenugreek seeds and fennel seeds. Let them flutter for some time.
Add the grated raw mangoes, jaggery and sugar. Mix well. Add salt and mix.
Add the chilly powder and black pepper powder and mix well. Let it simmer for sometime.
You will notice the that water starts separating. Adjust the sugar and salt.

The amount of jaggery and sugar can be reduced to adjust the sweetness of this chutney.
I did not like the addition of saunf to this. Probably next time I will try without the addition of saunf or fennel seeds.
This remains fresh for several days without refrigeration. If needed add a pinch of sodium benzoate as a preservative.


  1. says

    try this,
    grated green mango with half cup of water finely chopped 4 green chillies half t spoon turmeric and salt to taste bring this to boil and simmer till the mangoes become soft. mash the mangoes with the back of spoon and a table spoon foll of powdered jaggery and hing to it. u can add temering with mustard and curry leaves or just add coriander leaves or even without it tastes good. serve with rice, dosa idly any thing you like enjoy the sourness of mago with hot chilly and a tinge of sweetnes

  2. Shubhra says

    I tried this recipe with olive oil and used jaggery powder. But it didn’t came out as expected. I could not see any water separating out while the mixture was cooking. After the mixture cooled down, it became hard like a jaggery block. What could have caused it?

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