Roasted Sweet Corn on Cobs

I had always seen people roasting corn on cobs on charcoal along side the beaches in Goa. We used to have that corn and used to relish the taste. It is a very healthy snack and my parents never denied if we asked for some roasted corn.

One fine day my hubby came home with a pair of sweet corn on cobs and asked me to roast it. I was feeling a bit unwell but still I prepared it for my Dear Hubby. The whether was also good, it was just about to rain and we sat in the balcony and enjoyed the taste.  It really turned out great and we all enjoyed the taste at home and refreshed all the childhood memories when we used to eat this on a beach.

2 SweetCorn Cobs
1 tablespoon chilly powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 Lemon

Peel the sweet corn on the cobs.
Roast it evenly on all sides for 5-10 mins directly on a gas or on a grill.
Mix the chilly powder and salt.
Using the 1/2 lemon, apply the chilly powder and salt mix all over on the corn.
Serve it hot with lots of love.

Sending this to Street Food of India event by Rosh.