Raksha's Kitchen Turns 1 Today

Yes, I know that this is a day to celebrate.
Maybe I did not bake a cake, nor did cook something special. But yes definitely I will have a bash after some days :) maybe a belated Bloggoversary. I had planned some guest posts and also wanted to hit my 100th post on this special day. But due to some medical emergency I had to cancel all my bloggoversary plans and take complete care of my health. "Health is Wealth". I believe that if I have proper health then my work will also flourish after sometime will get all the publicity it deserves :) Thinking positive is the way of life is what I learnt in the last 15 days :)

Indeed it's a great achievement for Raksha's Kitchen.
In a short span of a year, it has achieved 50,648 hits :)
94 posts, 1 event ( CEDD 5 ) 1 guest post, 1 kitchen appliance and 2 book reviews :)

I am loving it. I started this as a hobby and I love to blog about what I cook.

Thanks a lot my Dear Friends for giving Raksha's Kitchen all the love it deserves.
 Please keep this love pouring in.