My Kenstar food processor

Somewhere in June 2011, I purchased the food processor. My heart was filled with happiness as this would do most of the work in my kitchen.

Just few days back I wrote about the Kenstar Food Processor. But the very next day one of the part of the top lid came off. I called the customer care, they came home n repaired the part as it's under warranty. But again it broke off. Still the food processor was working fine. Now the parts have started cracking. There is a big crack near the side lever, due to which it's again not working properly. And after 5 Min's of usage some burnt smell also comes from it. This is the most pathetic product that I have come across.

If you people are planning to buy a food processor, then do not go for Kenstar. Their service is also bad. I am thinking of going to the consumer court. But first let me see if I can get a replacement for this product.
Writing this post to save you all people from this faulty product. Please go through all the product reviews before buying this food processor. That was a big mistake that I did! :(


  1. O Raksha I am sorry! I was thrilled when I saw the title of your post but by the end I was felling so sorry.
    Thanks for warning us all.
    All the best!

  2. Few company's just do not care about the customer..I had a bad experience with my hand blender(Morphy Richards)......I used it frequently and one day after 10 minutes of using its coil got burnt!!:(....could not have time to go to the servicing center yet

  3. OMG!...I hope you get a replacement...or money back...

    Thanks for letting us knw!

  4. Oh nooo .. that must be awful .. So sorry dear. Thx for letting us know.

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  5. I have a food processor from lumix india.It is a good product of better quality and this company also provide good service to there customer.I am using this food processor since last one year and does not give me any complaint......

  6. Thankyou very much Raksha for letting us know this! Since i am also thinking of buying a new food processor

  7. Good work raksha... happy to read you review its good way to tell people about products.


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