My Kenstar food processor

Somewhere in June 2011, I purchased the food processor. My heart was filled with happiness as this would do most of the work in my kitchen.

Just few days back I wrote about the Kenstar Food Processor. But the very next day one of the part of the top lid came off. I called the customer care, they came home n repaired the part as it's under warranty. But again it broke off. Still the food processor was working fine. Now the parts have started cracking. There is a big crack near the side lever, due to which it's again not working properly. And after 5 Min's of usage some burnt smell also comes from it. This is the most pathetic product that I have come across.

If you people are planning to buy a food processor, then do not go for Kenstar. Their service is also bad. I am thinking of going to the consumer court. But first let me see if I can get a replacement for this product.
Writing this post to save you all people from this faulty product. Please go through all the product reviews before buying this food processor. That was a big mistake that I did! :(