Fruit Punch

Fruit punch is something I love. Whenever we go to any restaurants I always go through the menu card and order fruit punch first. This time I thought I should give it a try and tried it with just mango and strawberry crush.

When my hubby tasted this, he almost screamed with joy "fruit punch!!!". He once spent Rs. 1300/- for a glass of fruit punch at Marriott's in Goa. But I missed my brother when we had this home-made fruit punch. He also loves fruit punch. I promised him that I will make this for him when I visit his home in Goa.

I would like to tell you to try this fruit punch and enjoy the taste. Though this is done with only 2 types of fruit's, the taste was heavenly. You can also add orange and pineapple pieces.

1 Mango
1/2 cup Strawberry crush
1 1/2 cup Milk
1 tablespoon sugar

Cut the mango into pieces.
Blend all the ingredients together.
Garnish with jelly and mango pieces.
Relish the taste.

Sending this to 'Only' - Coolers and Mocktails event organised by Nayna and Pari.